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Overview of new or updated library electronic resources

Ethnic Diversity Source: Database Guide and Overview

Ethnic Diversity Source provides access to full-text materials which support the study of African Americans, Arab Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Jewish Americans, Latinx Americans, Multiracial Americans, and Native Americans, among others, with respect to their cultures, traditions, social treatment, and lived experiences. EBSCO will continuously update these resources with additional, current content.

Publication types include:

About the Ethnic Diversity Source Collections

Ethnic Diversity Source combines an Ethnic Diversity Source core article database and a separate Diversity and Ethnic Studies ebook database

Ethnic Diversity Source - core article database

Focuses on scholarly journal, newspaper, and magazine articles, but also includes selected documents and reference books. Includes short biographies and historical documents such as full-text speeches, interviews, letters.

Diversity and Ethnic Studies eBook Collection

Unlimited access to the full content to 5000 books selected for relevance to research in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The collection includes titles from over 230 publishers made available through the library’s EBSCO ebook interface. New content is added quarterly.

Electronic Resource Information

Platform: EBSCOHost

Electronic Resource Type: Aggregator full-text collection

Subscription source: CSU System Electronic Core collection

Vendor/publisher information (with title lists): EBSCO Ethnic Diversity Source

Database Document Types include:

  • Articles (includes government reports, essays from database/books)
  • Editorial
  • Essay
  • Interview
  • Opinion
  • Proceeding
  • Speech