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Database Guides : New and Updated Resources

Overview of new or updated library electronic resources

Linking to AVON

When viewing a specific video:

  • Use the "Share" feature to display the link to the specific video.
  • To work for off-campus students, the link should start with:
  • Copy the link.
  • It can be pasted into an email, a document, a Canvas shell, etc

When viewing an AVON video, click the Share icon to access the following options:

  • Permalink
    • The link should start with "" , which provides for off-campus access.
    • This link can be shared via email, pasted in Canvas as a Web Link, inserted in a shared Word Document / PDF, etc.
  • Embed
    • Use this link to have the video play within a window of your existing page.
    • An LMS like Canvas may support this option
  • LTI
    • Link to use if you are using the Canvas LTI for Academic Video Online (AVON).

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