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Overview of new or updated library electronic resources

Academic Video Online / AVON

The AVON: Academic Video Online collection includes over 80,000 educational videos spanning a wide range of academic subjects areas and includes documentaries, instructional videos, clinical videos, news, and artistic performances. This is ProQuest's general educational video collection, and all AVON content is available via through this annual, full collection subscription. Includes titles licensed from major video publishers (selected titles from PBS, BBC, California Newsreel, etc.).

Document / source type: Videos (primarily educational/documentaries and instructional; a small collection of films).

Full text: 100% of videos from Academic Video Online available to stream online. 

(Note: if you see content marked sample, you are searching Alexander Street video titles outside of the AVON collection.)

Search Tips - Post-Search Filter:

The Filter available after your search allows you to limit by:

  • Subject
  • Publisher
  • Content Type (documentary, performance, instructional material, etc.)
  • Release Date
  • Video Duration

For help with searching and content:

Advanced Search Tips

Content labelled "sample":

State State currently only subscribes to Academic Video Online and Counseling and Therapy in Video.  Alexander Street sells separate access to other collections and titles listed in other "channels" which will be labeled sample.  To see only subscribed content, use the "menu" and choose collections, and then Academic Video Online or Counseling and Therapy in Video.

Once you are in Academic Video Online or Counseling in Therapy, be sure so search within the current channel.


  • AND (implicit), OR, AND NOT

Phrase Searching

  • Quotation marks

Stemming / Truncation

  • Truncation symbol: *
  • Wildcard symbol: ?

AVON: Example Video Types