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Ebooks / Electronic Books: How to download EBSCO eBooks

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How to Download EBSCO eBooks

To download an eBook from EBSCO, you will need to also install Adobe Digital Editions. Follow the following steps to download an EBSCO eBook.

1. Click on the "Full Download" link for the eBook found in EBSCO eBook.

hit download button

2. You will need to create an account. Select "Sign In/Create an Account." When finished creating an account, sign in to your account by returning to the eBook link. 

Create an account

finish creating your ebsco account

3. Before downloading the eBook, make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed in your device. Click on the Adobe Digital Editions link provided to install Adobe Digital Editions. Make sure you install the correct download link for your device (Mac or Windows). 

Install Adobe Digital Editions.


install adobe digital editions

4. Finish installing Adobe Digital Editions by completing each step.

Finish installation of Adobe Digital Editions by completing each step.

5. Once finished, select the check box "I have Adobe Digital Editions or equivalent installed" and click on "Full Download."

finish installing Adobe Digital Editions.


6. Once download is complete, you may close the box. The book will download as an ACSM file. 

For some users. you may need to change the application preference of the file to Adobe Digital Editions. To do this, open your file location. Right click on your file. Select "open with" (if using Mac, you will need to select "Get info" before seeing "Open with"). If you see Adobe Digital Editions as in option, click on Adobe Digital editions. If you don't and you're using Windows, you may need to select "Choose another App." Select "More apps" if you still don't see Adobe Digital Editions. Once Adobe Digital Editions is selected, click ok. If you have any questions email

Download complete

7. To open your downloaded eBook, you have several options. You will need to drag the eBook ACSM file to Adobe Digital Editions. 

One way to do this, is to open Adobe Digital Editions. Next open the file location of the downloaded eBook. Have both windows open at the same time. Then, click and drag the ACMS eBook file on to Adobe Digital Solutions (A).

Alternatively, if you have Adobe Digital Solutions as a desktop icon, you may drag the file to the desktop icon and your eBook will open (B).

If you get a pop-up box asking you to authorize your computer by entering an ID, select the check box at the bottom of the pop-up "I want to authorize my computer without an ID" (C).


   To open your downloaded eBook, you may need to drag your file to Adobe Digital Editions


drag ebook file to adobe digital solutions desktop icon


   If you get a pop-up box asking you to authorize your computer by entering an ID, simply select the check box at the bottom of the pop-up

Now, you can enjoy reading the downloaded eBook!

If you have any questions contact a research librarian or email