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lowcura film cover

Lowcura: the creation of family in chicano lowrider clubs

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Chicano and Chicana art book cover

Chicano and Chicana art: Critical Anthology

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blowout book cover

Blowout!: Sal Castro and the Chicano struggle for educational justice

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Manteca book cover

Manteca!: an anthology of Afro-Latin@ poets

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latinx book cover


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Weaving the past book cover

Weaving the Past: Latin America's Indigenous Women from the Prehispanic Period to the Present

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Oye como va book cover

Oye como va!: hybridity and identity in Latino popular music

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Latina phenomenology

In-between: Latina feminist phenomenology, multiplicity, and the self

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Figuring the Feminine book cover

Figuring the Feminine: Female Embodiment in Medieval Hispanic Literature

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Theories of the flesh book cover

Theories of the flesh: Latinx and Latin American feminisms, transformation, and resistance

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