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Gifts and donations

Monetary Donations

The University Library welcomes monetary donations for the enrichment of teaching and research resources.  Cash donations may be made via the Library’s Donate-a-Book program or by contacting the Dean of Library Services by email:  Donors of monetary gifts may specify desired purposes for such funds with the approval of the Dean. 

Non-monetary Donations

The University Library will consider non-monetary (in-kind) donations that support the University’s curriculum and are appropriate for the Library collections.  Arrange for potential donations by listing items on the gift inquiry form, which will be sent to the Collection Development Committee and appropriate librarian subject selector. Potential donors will be contacted by the Library within a reasonable timeframe.  The Library may decline gifts inappropriate for the library collections and reserves the right to determine the ultimate disposition of accepted gift items.  (See Collection Development Policy (PDF), 3.1 Section Criteria & 3.2 Format, and 3.4 Special Collections.)