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Dean Ron Rodriguez


Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the summer semester Warriors!  

This summer the library will continue services in a virtual mode.   I encourage all those who wish to use Library services to visit our COVID-19 response page in order to find the latest information about our Library services.

I think you'll discover that we are offering the usual full array of services, except in-person study and computer areas. A continuing featured service we are offering is contact-less book delivery. It is a process whereby you can pick-up a requested book safely, via appointment. Please visit the COVID-19 response page for more details.

I’m excited to announce that the newly renovated Library will open later this summer. Please visit the COVID-19 response page for the latest updates. On behalf of all the library faculty, staff and student employees, we wish all Stan State Warriors a pleasant and productive summer!


Ron Rodriguez
Dean of Library Services

University Library Mission

The mission of the University Library is to provide access to information resources and services that facilitate teaching, learning and research, and to provide an environment that encourages and enables those in our diverse community to expand their intellectual, cultural and artistic horizons. 

University Library Action Plan for Social Justice and Equity

Librarians have a long history of local, state, national and international involvement in pivotal societal issues affecting individuals living in the United States and throughout the world. Librarians have stood in unity against wars, poverty, racism and unbridled and continuous oppression of all types.

Racial violence across the country has been occurring at an alarming rate. Our Campus is mobilizing to take action against unmitigated civil rights injustices. So too are the Library Faculty, who are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment. The Library Faculty Action Plan to Support Social Justice and Equity at California State University, Stanislaus is a concrete step towards a more just world, and we start at the University level by taking an active stance against racism and bias.

The University Library Mission Statement (see above) and the University Mission Statement and Values all provide strong support of the activities manifested in the Action Plan.

I am proud of the Library Faculty and their authoring of the Action Plan for Social Justice and Equity (PDF). I encourage all of the University Community to read, reflect and embrace the actions called for.


Ron Rodriguez
Dean of Library Services

University Library Strategic Plan

The goal of the library strategic planning process is to synthesize and document current thinking about library collections and services at California State University, Stanislaus, to provide guideposts for current and future pathways to change, and to measure the effectiveness of actions and accomplishments. The most recent strategic plan is the 2007 University Library Strategic Plan (PDF).

In 2008, the University Library conducted a 2008 Support Unit Review (PDF) which included a self-study and an external review. 

In 2011 and 2012, the library surveyed students and faculty, respectively, to gauge satisfaction with and usage of various library services. Results from those surveys can be viewed below.

2011 Student Survey

2012 Faculty Survey

In 2017, a student survey was conducted focusing on library study space usage, which contributed to the discussion of expanded library open hours. Results from those surveys can be viewed below.

2017 Student Survey

In 2018, the University Library conducted a 2018 Support Unit Review (PDF) which included a self-study and an external review. 


Gifts & Donations

Monetary Donations

The University Library welcomes monetary donations for the enrichment of teaching and research resources.  Cash donations may be made via the Library’s Donate-a-Book program or by contacting the Dean of Library Services by email:  Donors of monetary gifts may specify desired purposes for such funds with the approval of the Dean. 

Non-monetary Donations

The University Library will consider non-monetary (in-kind) donations that support the University’s curriculum and are appropriate for the Library collections.  Arrange for potential donations by listing items on the gift inquiry form, which will be sent to the Collection Development Committee and appropriate librarian subject selector. Potential donors will be contacted by the Library within a reasonable timeframe.  The Library may decline gifts inappropriate for the library collections and reserves the right to determine the ultimate disposition of accepted gift items.  (See Collection Development Policy (PDF), 3.1 Section Criteria & 3.2 Format, and 3.4 Special Collections.)

Naming Opportunities for the Newly Renovated Vasche Library Building

Renovation of the library building is currently underway and scheduled to complete in July 2021.  Donors interested in exploring naming opportunities in the new library building are welcome to contact the Dean Rodriguez or University Advancement.


Employment Opportunities