Google Scholar

Description and Information

What is it? Search for a huge array of scholarly research (including a range of journal articles, books, and web-based research reports). 

Subjects Covered: All (especially selected sciences)

Access to the full-text:  Find It! via CSU Stanislaus will access full-text at no charge to you via the Library subscription (when available). 

Find It! via CSU Stanislaus links appear if you access Google Scholar from the CSU Stanislaus Library website or if you set up your account to point to Stanislaus Links.  more info

Dates Covered: Varies

Help:  Help from Google (database producer)


More Details

Materials Indexed: Selected academic research publications, including selected articles, books, and government reports
Full-text: Use the Find It! via CSU Stanislaus button (found on the full record of a search result)
Availability: Available freely (use the "How to get full text" information above to access full-text via library resources)
Platform: Google
CSU Stanislaus URL:


Search Operators

Default search: Boolean AND
Truncation symbol: * (asterisk)
Phrase searching: "phrase" (enclose phrase in quotation marks)
Boolean And: and (implied)
Boolean OR: or
Boolean NOT: not


Accessing CSU Stanislaus Library Content & Services via Google Scholar

Links to Google Scholar through the CSU Stanislaus Library website should add Find It at CSU Stanislaus links to your search results. 

You can also configure Google Scholar to add Find It at Stanislaus via the following steps:

At a Google Scholar screen (, 

  1. Open the Settings link (under the down arrow in the upper right corner)
  2. On the Scholar Settings page, choose Library Links.
  3. Under Library Links search for CSU Stanislaus.
  4. Check the "CSU Stanislaus - Find It! at CSU Stanislaus" box.
  5. Save Preferences.

When searching for materials, you should now see a "Find It at Stanislaus" link that provides access to library services for that item. (Find It at Stanislaus may link to full-text immediately online made available by the Library, an Interlibrary Loan request form, or the location/call number of a book sheleved in the CSU Stanislaus Library, etc.).

Example Google Entry (with Find It! link):

[BOOK] The fight in the fields: Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers movement

S Ferriss, R Sandoval… - 1998 -
... More than thirty years after Cesar Chavez founded the United Farm Workers, and more
than three years after his death, organiz- ing immigrant farmworkers remains one of the
most delicate and difficult propositions for social change in America. ...
Cited by 71 - Related articles - Find It at Stanislaus - All 3 versions


Using your Google Account

To set up free and automatic access CSU Stanislaus subscriptions and services:

If you want to save searches and records from one session to the next (and for Stanislaus links to automatically appear),  sign in with your Google account (e.g. a Gmail account).  If you go to Google Scholar and sign in (using your Gmail, Google Docs, or Google+ account), you can set your Google Scholar preferences to include automatically links to CSU Stanislaus Library services:

  1. At Google Scholar, make sure you are signed into a Google account.

  2. (If you are signed in already, your name should appear in the upper right corner. Otherwise, you should see "Sign in." You can sign in using any Google Scholar, e.g. Gmail, Google Docs, Google+.)

  3. At Google Scholar, click on the link (upper right corner)

  4. Choose Library Links (from the left side of the Scholar Settings screen).

  5. Search for CSU Stanislaus  (Type it in the box and click Find Library)

  6. Click the CSU Stanislaus - Find It at Stanislaus box

  7. Save Preferences


Why add access to library services from Google Scholar?

1) Off-campus access to full-text of articles

Many of the full-text articles linked to by Google Scholar are free to users on-campus because of the Library's subscriptions.  When using Google Scholar from off-campus, CSU Stanislaus faculty and students can also receive free access to these Library subscriptions by setting "Scholar Preferences" to CSU Stanislaus.  The Find It! at CSU Stanislaus link in Google Scholar search result will provide free access to the full-text of articles online when available.

2) Additional library services

For items in Google Scholar that are not immediately available online (including some articles and most books) the Find It! at CSU Stanislaus link will lead you to the appropriate service to retrieve those items.

  • Some articles may be available immediately online as part of a Library subscription (free to CSU Stanislaus users with a campus username and password)
  • Some books may be available in the Library
  • Other articles and books may be borrowed for you by the Library (at no charge to you)