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Videos in the Library Collection

Videos available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

How to Request a New Video

  • Instructors should request videos via their Liaison Librarian.
  •  Videos are paid for out of the new "firm orders" library funds for each discipline, and these expenditures are overseen by the Liaison Librarian and the Department Representative.

Send the following information in your request:

  • Requestor/instructor name and department
  • Format preferred (online or DVD)
  • Course information (Course prefix & number and/or title)
  • Course use (required out-of-classroom viewing of entire video by all students, clips shown in a physical classroom)

Electronic Reserves - DVD Streaming

Copyright law has provisions (such as fair use) which can allow library DVD content to be streamed online via Electronic Reserves. Also, some documentary DVDs can be purchased with unlimited institutional streaming rights from the publisher. Please consult with your librarian liaison regarding what options may be available.

To request a DVD video be made available in Electronic Reserves under Fair Use:

Access video collections:

Questions & Feedback

Please submit any questions and feedback regarding these collections to: