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Videos in the Library Collection

Videos available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Library Videos: Public Performance Rights

Some of the library's streaming videos and DVDs allow for limited "Public Performance Rights" (PPR).  Without PPR, campus licenses provide for viewing in courses and individual viewing by current students, faculty and staff. Most commonly, library licenses with additional PPR rights usually allow CSU Stanislaus to show the video to groups at university events for educational purposes and where admission is not charged.The following collections/vendors provide limited PPR to CSU Stanislaus for all/most of the titles licensed via their site:

CSU Stanislaus Library Streaming Video Collections with Public Performance Rights
Video Streaming Service
Public Performances for Educational Purposes Allowed
Terms and Conditions for Public Performances
AVON / Alexander Street Press

Yes  (if no admission or fees charged)

Terms and Conditions for ASP
Films on Demand

Yes  (if no admission or fees charged)

Terms and Conditions for Films on Demand

Yes for most titles, with some exceptions.  

(Look for the PPR indicator on the detailed Kanopy description screen. See the Kanopy instructions on how to identify titles with PPR.)

Terms and Conditions for Kanopy

While most DVDs do not come with PPR, some Library DVDs have been purchased with PPR rights.  Please contact a librarian if you would like to check on the status of a video.

Titles licensed for classroom or campus use via Swank do not usually come with PPR, but Swank offers PPR licenses at significantly higher costs. 

Getting Public Performance Rights for Other Titles

Public Performance Rights for most videos need to be licensed from the copyright holder. Most commercial films are available via Swank, while some educational documentary producers license them from their vendor/producer sites.

Commercial Motion Pictures

Swank can license most commercial motion pictures for events on college campuses. Contact Swank or the library for a quote.

Please note: the Swank Digital Campus licenses (year-long streaming licenses for the entire campus) are for individual viewing only, and do not come with rights to show videos at gathers (Public Performance Rights).

  • Educational Documentary Video

Educational documentary video producers sometimes license their content via Swank, or sometimes have their own licensing system.  This is sometimes through their own production house, or sometimes through an educational documentary cooperative like California Newsreel, Media Education Foundation, New Day, etc. If a title is not listed in Swank, you (or the library) can check with the individual producer/distributor for public performance terms, which can vary greatly.

Netflix Educational Screening

  • A small number of Netflix original productions are available for educational screening. Look for a Grant of Permission or an Educational Screenings Permission (ESP) on the details of a title in the Netlifx Media Catalog.