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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Access to Online Streaming Videos: Purchasing Individual Titles

Library subscriptions include unlimited access to Academic Video Online (AVON) and smaller collections (such as select titles on & JoVE). If the this content does not meet curricular needs, faculty may request individual titles which the library may purchase or license from other sources. The library purchases videos at institutional/higher education prices, providing for campus access and/or ownership.

DVD Conversion

For limited purposes, copyright law may have provisions (such as fair use) which sometimes allow library DVD content to be loaded to a digital streaming server for purposes such as restricted classroom use. Some DVDs can be purchased with unlimited institutional streaming rights from the publisher. Please consult with your librarian liaison regarding what options may be available.

Major Online Streaming Video Vendors: Individual Titles

Faculty can submit a request to the library and the library will investigate the options for temporary access (typically annual licenses) or permanent ownership.  Vendors who sell institutions online streaming access to individual titles include several major sites.

Additional publishers and services include Media Education Foundation (streaming available via Kanopy), Bullfrog (available via Docuseek), and SWANK (some popular films may be available for streaming or public performance).

Access video collections: