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The Next Chapter 

J. Burton Vasché Library Campaign Donor Listing


The J. Burton Vasché Library is the Heart of our Institution. California State University, Stanislaus is grateful for our generous community and its commitment to sustaining a vibrant and innovative University Library where current and future scholars can thrive.


The John & Jeani Ferrari Family Foundation

Foyer and Mural

John K. Miles & Priscilla S. Peters

New Books Reading Room

The Assyrian Community

Community Events Hall

Dr. Allan Greenberg & Dr. Ellen Junn

Warrior Fab Lab

The Michael Ireland Family

Disability Resource Services Lobby

Burt & Polly Vasché

Special Collections, Archives & Digitization Lab

The Glenn Navarro Family

24/7 Study Zone

Zaya Malik Ismail & Family

Warrior Way

The Norris-Rocaberte Family Foundation

CommUnity Room

Paul & Rosemary Adalian

Library Instruction Room

Donor Listing

Eileen Hamilton, Laurissa Hamilton & Elise Domico

James, Janey, Reuben & Emily Youngblom

Jennifer Doerksen ’77

C.A. & Kirsten Russell, Brett & Karen Tate, Curtis & Kimberly Jorritsma

Marlene E. Stante ’72

Smith Chevrolet Co. of Turlock

Richard J. Ronten ’70

Adrian S. Harrell ’98

The Eshagh Family

James, Jr. & Kathy Hanson, Andy & Alicia Morgan, Adam & Michelle Morgan

Armando & Amber Flores

Natalie L. Dykzeul

Dr. Pete & Flocer, BSN ’87, Mayol & Family

Raymond Samuel Sanchez Jr.

Trudia Pauley, MBA, CMA ’84

Friends of Donna Pierce

In Memory of Frank & Josephine George -

Ed & Mary Sai

Francis & Dumarina Sarguis

The McCulla Family Foundation -

Turlock Dental Care

In Memory of John W. Marvin -

Dr. Deborah Kavasch

Affinity Truck Center

Albert & Elbra Poulus

In Honor of Yonatan & Florence Moradkhan

Edward Lloyd Hutz

Richard & Bonda Aranas -

Central Valley Truck Center

Jaime & Pauline Jimenez

John & Diana Malik Ismail

Bobby & Tina Malik Ismail

In Memory of Mr. Youab I. Yonan -

John, Joseph & Mary Asoofi

Raman & Anna Sargoni

Three Amigos Auto Center

William & Haley Eshagh

Anokeen & Dr. Antoine Varani

In Memory of Dr. Nina Rosenthal

William & Margarit Julian Family

Dr. Michele Lahti

Sabrina Dominguez

David & Cecilia Kim

John & Jeani Ferrari

Peggy Jenkin

Dr. Vian Younan & Dr. Raman Kanon

In Memory of Stephan R. Mahler

Mark & Sherry Tanis

In Memory of Dr. Lloyd Cockrell

Charles Sano ’77

Sandy Cates & Cindy Knepp

In Memory of Dr. Steve J. Grillos

Hope & George Werness

In Memory of J.W. Smurr -

The Smurr Family

David & Inta Gotelli

In Memory of Dr. James K. Hanny & Doris E. Hanny

David & Janet Vasché

Jilbert Gevargizi

Ron & Karen Macedo

James ’15 & Kristina ’06 Stamper

The Family of Nelda & Doug McDermott

Marianne & Guido Franco

Patricia Portwood & Ron Baram

Rich & Kay Youngblom

Triebsch & Frampton

Ronald & Rita Rodriguez

In Memory of Dr. Pamela Roe

Aaron Allaire

In Memory of David Gomes

In Memory of Wilford (Will) Keener

In Memory of Dr. Lloyd Cockrell

Gerald & Carolyn Gordon

Chris Murphy ’84

Connie Fiscalini Pires

Don & Alison Wenstrand

In Memory of Dr. Gene C. Wisler

In Honor of Dr. David Lindsay

Dan & Jayme Gray

California Dreamin’ - RV & JH

Karen L. Mendonca & Clay S. Serrahn

Koni Stone

In Honor of Edward Aubert, Dean of Admissions Emeritus -

Stanislaus Emeritus & Retired Faculty & Staff Association

Mary Stephens

In Memory of Frances Klein

In Memory of James Charles Hanson

In Memory of Professor Vladimir S. Tuman

Suzanne Garcia

Dr. & Mrs. Tom Abram

Tiffani Burns

Dr. Walter & Barbara Tordoff, Professor Emeritus of Biology

The Kehaly Family Trust

Mark & Pam Vasché

Julia S. & John B. Mensinger

Alan & Beth Adams

Linda Bunney-Sarhad

Oscar Cabello

Priscilla Boone

Samuel Kyuin Lee ’85

Pilar De Aragon & Ann Kucera

Carla Anderson

In Honor of Melinda Levering Freeman

In Memory of Richard Levering

Denise Maxwell

Mike & Ellen Dambrosio

Gity Miller

Laura Lynn Stephan

Neil & Kimberly Weese

Lorraine Gonsalves

Marian Kaanon

Jere & Patricia O’Donnell

The Borba-Finks Family

Adeline Navarro

Sylvia M. Kisling ’92

In Memory of David Gomes

Terry Elliott

Nick ’13 & Janine ’17 Arakelian

Jann Jenkinson

Jeffrey Ellair

Lawrence & Mary Giventer

Nanette Foster Austin

The Fonseca Family

David & Elise Domico

In Memory of Romy Fages

Abe & Sharon Rojas

In Memory of Sammye Sawyer

The Pascolati Family

Amparo L. Estrella

The Gardner Family

In Honor of Richard Tsai

In Memory of Roy Arms - The Kindest of the Kind

In Honor of Dr. Marjorie Sanchez Walker

Bert Fisher

Bobbi Jo Donham ’20

Brian Chansarey Eam

Brian L. McAlister, MBA

Jim & Carrie Burden

CK Ferrer

Charlene Bargas

Chenchu Lin

Cheryl Wade Goulart

Claudia Ramos Barbosa

Danielle Dabney Scott ’09

The Hawkes Family

The Jomaoas Family

In Memory of Bob & Priscilla Thomas

Scott & Denise Skidmore

Donna Birch Trahan

In Memory of Lola Johnson

Doug Miller, M.A. ’84

In Honor of Emmanuel Pourabdi

Tootie Craig

Flor Tataje ’06

Dr. Harold & Mrs. Regina Stanislaw

Andrew & Hiromi Dompeling

Irma & Jesus Sandoval

Isabel Silveira Pierce

Israel Ruiz

Jack & Catherine Doo

James & Helen Washburn

The Honorable Jeff Mangar

Jennifer Standart James

Jennifer Skonovd, Thirty-One Gifts

Jere & Penny Wade

Win & Joann Quinley

Joanne Scarpa

John Douglas Anderson

John Crocker

Johnny Blong Lee

Dr. Joseph Wiggett & Michael A. Smith

In Memory of Dr. Viji Sundar

In Memory of Christopher D. Freeman ’96

Karen Heringer

Kathi, April & Charlie Dunham-Filson

Kathy Hobby

Kenneth N. Rodriguez

In Memory of Isabel Alves Costa

Kimberly Stephan ’13

In Honor of Dr. Daniel R. Afonso Jr.

Lea V. Hernandez

Linda O. Davenport

In Memory of Deborah Battista

Shane & Margarita Zamora Saunders

In Honor of Lilyana & Aria Gardner

Maria De Los Angeles Almanzo

Maria J. Ortega

Mary Hartsfield

Mary “Dale” Sumersille

Mary Valentine Maki

Nan A. Phipps, BSN ’83

Nick ’09 & Jessica ’07 Weder

Nicholas R. Hodson

Noriel Mostajo

Pamela Lee Pell

Roger & Pat Smith

John & Patty Christiansen

R. Vande Pol

Randall Brown

In Memory of Donald A. Reid, Sr.

Richard H. Wallace

Dr. Roberta T. Anderson

Darrell & Roxanne Nelson

Manuel & Salinda Mendoza

Sally Johnson

Barbara Hemphill

Debi Glover

Russell & Patricia Giambelluca

Sara E. Valentine

Shariel Badal

In Memory of Lisa Gutherie

Dr. Susan L. Marshall

Ernest & Susan Ott

Thomas C. Watling, Ph.D.

Tula & Ted Mattingly

Tzu-Man Huang

Victor, Dorali & Jacqueline Mitre

Wanda Bonnell, M.A.

Bill Miller

Yvonne Baptiste York

Dean Richard & Karen Sebok

Dr. Gerard & Rita Crowley

Dr. John & Nancy Moore

In Memory of Dr. Pamela Roe -

Dr. Richard Anderson

Dr. Thomas Peter & Beverly Finley

Robert Cook

Ted & Betty Brugger

Denise M. Godbout-Avant ’88

Karen Angerstein ’78

Tom Brunskill

In Memory of Dr. James Charles Hanson

Jessica Elkins ’05

Dawn Ramirez

Jennie Ollis

Peter Mosinskis

Malak Yaqo* was a prominent Assyrian military leader and political figure born on February 12, 1894, in southeast Turkey, in the mountains of Hakkari. He came from a family dynasty of Assyrian chieftains who were known for their contributions in preserving the Christian faith, the Assyrian nation, and the Assyrian bloodline. Malak Yaqo was the son of Malak Ismail*and Towras. He had three older brothers named Shlemoon, Dinkha, and Daniel.  

During his lifetime, Malak Yaqo participated in both World War I and World War II alongside the Allies, serving as a military leader. He fought bravely for his nation and was recognized for his valor and leadership skills. His ultimate goal was to obtain an autonomous Assyrian Homeland. In 1932, the British and Iraqi government denied his ambitions for a sovereign homeland, which led himself and his warriors to military force. Unfortunately, the bravery and ambition of these warriors fighting against the British-backed Iraqi Military resulted in the military forces pushing back to French territory Syria. The Assyrians settled in the Khabour, Syria, region for generations.  

In addition to his military service, Malak Yaqo was also a political figure who played a significant role in shaping the political landscape of his time. He advocated for the rights of Assyrian Christians and worked tirelessly to promote their cause. Malak Yaqo's family dynasty made significant contributions to preserving the Assyrian bloodline, and his leadership helped to ensure that Assyrian culture and identity were not lost over time.  

Malak Yaqo was a devoted family man who married Miryam and had three children named Aweia, Zaya, and David. Overall, Malak Yaqo was a prominent figure who lived a life of service and dedication to his nation and people. His leadership, bravery, and advocacy for Assyrian Christians left a lasting impact on the world and serve as a testament to his enduring legacy.

In 1974, 41 years after his departure from Iraq, he was officially invited by the Iraqi Government to discuss the sovereignty of the Assyrian Nation. Once again, Malak Yaqo did not agree on the conditions the Iraqi Government offered his people. During that visit, Malak Yaqo was rushed to the hospital for medical reasons and passed this life on Friday, January 25, 1974, in Baghdad, Iraq. He had requested to be buried next to his father Malek Ismail, who had passed this life in 1936, and was buried at the cemetery Rashid Military Camp. The remains of both Malek Ismail and Malek Yaqo were later moved and interred at the Assyrian Church of St. Mary in the suburb of Na’ariyah, Baghdad.   

*Note: Malak means "chieftain" in Assyrian, and Ismail, which is the name of Malak Yaqo's father, is the surname that the family still uses today.

More coming soon!