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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database.

Searching Scopus

Types of searching:

  • Document
    • Search for articles and chapters from the full Scopus list of sources
    • Search within option allows for searching for cited references
  • Author
    • Search for specific authors published in Scopus sources
  • Affiliations
    • Search for an institution (e.g. university) name and display all articles affiliated with that institution


  • Browse journal titles, including filtering by discipline, sorting by metrics (including CiteScore) 

Quick Video Tutorials (brief 3-4 minute videos)

Includes brief 3-4 minute tutorials on topics like:

  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Expanding a Search
  • Search Results

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