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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database under review in 2022.

Scopus Access and Trial

The University Library is planning on moving to Scopus in 2023 as a replacement for the Web of Science (CSU Stanislaus Core Collection) database.

Scopus includes robust features for research, citation, and author tracing, as well as journal impact. The library seeks feedback from any researchers or faculty who use the Web of Science Core Collection to make sure Scopus covers any essential research functionality.

Scopus Key Features

Search features include:

  • Documents: articles from 26,000 selected high-quality/leading peer-reviewed journals.
    • Also includes a small collection of highly selected conference papers and book chapters
  • Authors: profiles of listed authors (publication, research metrics, and cited by links) 
  • Sources: scholarly journal profiles and research impact metrics

Cited References:

  • Complete list of References for all items from covered source list
  • Complete "cited by" tracing and links in individual article and author records
  • For sources outside of the core journal literature, brief records (with links to citing publications) for all "References" listed under each core journal article
  • To search separately: choose "References" under the Documents search

Scopus vs. Web of Science (CSU Stanislaus Core)

Both Scopus and Stanislaus Web of Science Core Collection provide:

  • Search articles from a large number of quality peer-reviewed journals
  • Cover a large collection of key peer-reviewed journals reviewed, vetted, and chosen by an academic review board
  • Robust citation tracing and cited reference searching
  • Author metrics (h-index) and author profiles (publication list, “cited by” tracing, ORCID)


Differences between Scopus and Stanislaus WoS Core

  • Number of journals:
    • Scopus 26,000 active journals
    • WoS Core: 16,0000 active journals
  • Dates covered:
    • Scopus (as old as 1970 – present)
    • Stanislaus WoS Core Collection (2004 – present only)
  • Journal metrics
    • Impact measures and journal lists/comparisons by discipline included in Scopus
    • CSU Stanislaus Web of Science does not include journal metrics/impact measures
      • Web of Science offers a different product, Journal Citation Reports, at a considerable additional fee (not available at Stan State).
  • Sales model: 
    • Scopus is one product with an annual subscription payment
    • Web of Science:
      • Sold in expensive, separate modules
      • Adding a new module usually incurs a high, one-time upfront purchase fee as well as additional  high annual subscription fees each year.
      • Stanislaus does not have / cannot afford:
        •  Journal Citation Reports (source of journal impact factors and journal listings/analysis by discipline)
        • Modules covering content older than 2004
  • Cost: Scopus is much cheaper (by a factor of 5)
    • Scopus a set fee per year ($7.5k) with multi-year guarantees
    • Our limited WoS (only the core collection from 2004 – present) has a yearly cost five times higher ($37 to $40k/ year)

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