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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database.

Citation Tracing in Scopus

  • Scopus lists all references cited in each document/article covered by its publication list.
    • Covers articles/documents from a curated collection of 20,000+ academic journals, including leading journal titles in each field and many secondary/specialized journals.
  • Citations / Cited by feature traces each time a source was cited in the large/comprehensive Scopus collection.
  • This includes some citation tracing for items not originally published in a Scopus journal (but were cited in a Scopus journal).

How to use Citation tracing / Cited reference features

To view which sources are citing an entry in Scopus, look for the following links:

  • Cited by - linked on a search results page (to the right of the entry)
  • Citations in Scopus  - linked on a "full record" display of a Scopus document (below the full bibliographic information)

Cited By in Scopus

Links appearing in a document search results list.

Image of Scopus document search results with "Cited by" link highlighted

Citations in Scopus

A "Cited by" List of and Links to Sources Citing a Scopus Document

Picture of Scopus document highlighting the "Citations" link to sources that cite this document (otherwise known as "cited by")

How to Search for Cited References - Sources Not in Scopus Journals

  • Change the "Search within" drop down box to References.
  • Enter key terms from the cited Reference.
    • last names of author(s)
    • the title of the article/cited source (or key terms)
  • On the results screen
    • Documents - Publications in Scopus Journals containing the Reference
    • Secondary Documents - Cited References to sources published outside of Scopus journals

Citation Overviews - Tracing the Most Cited Sources on a topic

On a search results list, you can generate a list of all references cited on a topic (including all references in Scopus journals matching the search terms).

The list is sortable by frequency (the sources cited in the most in this area) and provides links (to full records for the source document).

Quick Instructions

To view citations in all documents on a topic (i.e. a specific Scopus search):

1) On a search results page, choose ALL.

2) Choose View citation overview.

3) Check the years desired.

4) Below the chart, results list sources cited in this literature.

  • Sortable by author or highest number of citations
  • Number of and links to works citing the listed source each year

List of sources cited within that topic

example of list of citations on a topic generated in Scopus