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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database.

Scopus Author Profiles

The Scopus Author Profile allows the database to group and track publications by a specific author, attempting to group publications under the correct author (even if multiple authors have similar names). Authors can update/correct their profile. This has similar features to other author metric / citation tracking cites ( Researcher ID / Web of Science, ORCID, Research Gate, Google Scholar).

  • Searchers can:
    • Quickly find additional works by the same author.
    • System will attempt to exclude works by different authors with the same / similar names.
  • Authors can:
    • Update their entry to include their (and only their) publications.
    • Track new citations to their work.
    • Review research metrics based on their publication record.
    • Link their profile to their ORCID.

Author / Researcher Profile Sites

The Scopus Author Profile creates a specific Scopus ID for each author. This is one of several sites which have similar features (including tracking new citations and/or creating metrics of authors' research impact/productivity).

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