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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database.

Journal Metrics

CiteScore is the key journal metric (based on citations to its articles) developed by Scopus. Each journal record may also include metrics with different methodology (to account for differences in disciplines).

Journal metrics in Scopus include:

  • CiteScore
    • Journal impact based on citations in selected documents (developed by Elsevier/Scopus)
  • SJR
    • SCIMago Journal Rank
    • Weights citations in calculating the rank
  • SNIP
    • Source Normalized Impact per Paper
    • Takes into account different level of citation numbers/prevalence by field/discipline

Quick Video Tutorials on Find and Defining Journal Metrics

Article Metrics

Specific Metrics Available for Articles

Link to metrics available on the right side of an "full record" article/document screen

  • Number of Citations
  • Citation Benchmarking
    • Percentile based on date, type, and discipline
    • Citations to document compared to others in the field
  • Field Weighted Citation Impact
    • Compares number of citations to expected number in the same field
  • PlumX
    • Usage: clicks, views, downloads, library holdings
    • Captures: bookmarks, favorites, reference managers
    • Mentions: blog, news, reviews, Wikipedia
    • Social: Tweets, likes, shares
    • Citations: Indexes, patent, policy/clinical

Author Metrics

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