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Scopus - Article, Citation, & Research Impact Database

Help with the Scopus peer-reviewed journal article, citation tration, and research metrics database under review in 2022.

Scopus Content and Overview

Scopus covers a very large but selective list of key academic journals from all disciplines.

  • 26,000 leading academic journals
  • 234,000 academic/edited books
  • Selective OpenAccess articles and journals

Scopus content / search functions include:

  • Article records / abstracts from leading academic journals (many covering 1970 - present)
  • Cited reference searching and citation tracing
  • Journal listings and comparison for specific disciplines
    • Research impact and citation metrics for journals
  • Author Profiles (publication list, cited by, and metrics)
  • Institutional / university profiles, including publication and citation metrics

Scopus Review

CSU Stanislaus is reviewing Scopus in 2022 as a planned replacement for the Web of Science Core citation / research database.

  • The Scopus database of leading peer-reviewed journals is larger (although still selective) than the Web of Science Core Collection available to CSU Stanislaus.
  • Scopus covers 1970 - present (our Web of Science core only covers 2004 - present)

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