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This is a subject guide for resources on nursing.

PubMed vs. MEDLINE

PubMed Full Text Links

  • Links to the Full Text (PDF) of articles are found in the upper-right of a PubMed article record
  • Type of links:
    • Full-Text Links: <name of publisher's site>
      • Some of these articles are free (a PDF may be freely available through this link)
      • Some of these articles require a subscription:
        • If you are on the university campus or VPN, some of this "subscription" content may be available to you.
        • Even if the library has a subscription, articles requiring a subscription will usually not open if you are off-campus.  Look for the "Online Full-text" link, or search for the article in OneSearch.
    • Full-Text Links:  PubMed free archive logo for PMC free articles online
      • Full-text free of copyright loaded by the National Library of Medicine onto the PubMed site
    • Full-Text links: Online Full-text  logo of link to library's article full-text service
      • Links to CSU Stanislaus Library's holdings of journals (including access to article off-campus)
        • Some may be full-text links on a different service.
      • To add these links, see the instructions on the Library Guide.
        • Use the library's link to PubMed.
        • Or create a MyNCBI account (Account settings -->  NCBI Site Preferences --> Outside Tool).

Finding Links to CSU Stanislaus Articles

Links to CSU Stanislaus subscriptions and services (Interlibrary Loan) do not automatically appear in PubMed. You need to use the correct CSU Stanislaus PubMed link or cr

Use the Library's Link to PubMed and automatically get CSU Stanislaus Library link

CSU Stanislaus Library Link to PubMed:

Links to PubMed from the CSU Stanislaus Library website will automatically add a "tool" to your session which includes links to CSU Stanislaus articles online (and/or Interlibrary Loan requests).

Create a MyNCBI Account and update the settings

  • Use MyNCBI links on PubMed to login and create a link. (You should be able to use an existing account from some social media logins - Google, Facebook, etc. - or from research services - e.g. ORCID.)
    • Login link in upper right of main PubMed Screen.
  • Once you've created an account, use the account settings to add an Outside Tool and choose Stanislaus.
  • Steps
    • Login  (from a PubMedScreen)
      • If you are already logged in, click on your username.
    • Choose Account Settings
    • Choose NCBI Site Preferences
    • PubMed Preferences
    • Outside Tool