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This is a subject guide for library resources on music.

Online Streaming Music

Compact Discs

  • The University Library holds over 1000 high quality music compact discs (CDs) selected by Music Department faculty and Librarians that are available for check-out.
  • Most of the University Library's music CDs are housed in the CD cabinets located by the Video (DVD/VHS) collection near the Library Services counter.
  • Brief records (title, composer, performers, etc.) for each CD is listed in the OneSearch Media records and are filed in the cabinets under their ANSCR call number.

Searching for Music Recordings in OneSearch

  1. In OneSearch, use the Advanced Search option.
  2. Under Search for options, choose Books & Media: CSU Stanislaus.
  3. In the search box (after "Any Field" and "contains"), type your desired search term (e.g., Bach, cantatas, jazz, etc.)
  4. On the search results, limit Resource Type to Audio CDs and/or Audio  (and/or Video, DVDs, and LPs).
  5. In the search results, call numbers for CDs will start with Compact Disc followed by the ANSCR call number.
  6. To retrieve the CD, go to the Music CD cabinets where the discs are filed by ANSCR call number.

Other Tips:

  • Resource Type: On a search results screen, under Resource Type (list of limiters on left side of screen) choose Audio Visual to limit the results to AV materials (primarily CDs).
  • Location:

On a search results screen, use the Location limiter (from the choices down the left side of the screen) and choose "Music and Media." 


In your search boxes, change Any Field to Location  and enter "Music and Media" to limit search to library's AV Collection.

For example:

Location contains Music and Media

AND any field contains Beethoven

Other Search Tips

Opus/Catalog Numbers

You can try searching for the opus/catalog number (e.g. BWV 22) of an individual piece. Most, but not all, library records list these numbers in the record for that recording or score. If searching by the catalog number does not retrieve the desired recording, try searching by the composer and several words from the title.

To find opus/catalog numbers, one authoritative source is the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (part of Oxford Music  Online), searching for the composer name and works.

Example Searching in OneSeach for recordings of Johann Sebastian Bach

With and without catalog (BWV) number

With a BWV Number:

The OneSearch record for Gustav Leonhardt's harpsichord recording for Bach's Goldberg Variations does not list any BWV or titles of individual pieces. It will only be retrieved by searching for general terms like Bach and harpsichord.

Without a BVW Number:

The OneSearch record for Chicago Symphony Orchestra's recording of Bach's St. Matthew Passion oratorio does not list any BWV numbers (and in addition it only lists the title in German - Matthäus-Passion). To find this item in OneSearch, you need to search for terms like Bach, Chicago Symphony, Solti, Kiri Te Kanawa, and Matthäus-Passion. 

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