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This is a subject guide for library resources on music.

ANSCR Genre Headings

CDs in the University Library are shelved by ANSCR call numbers. The first letter in each ANSCR call number represents the main genre of music included in the recording.

ANSCR Code   Description
A Early Music
B Operas
C Choral Music
D Vocal Music
E Orchestral Music
EA General Orchestral Music
EB Ballet Music
EC Concertos
ES Symphonies
F Chamber Music
G Solo Instrumental Music
GG Guitar
GO Organ
GP Piano
GS Stringed Instruments
GV Violin
GW Wind Instruments
GX Percussion Instruments
H Band Music
J Electronic or Mechanical Music
K Musicals and Operettas
L Soundtracks
MA Popular Music
MC Country/Western Music
MG Gospel and Contemporary Christian Music
MJ Jazz
ML Latin Pop Music
MN New Age Music
MP Rap Music
MR Rock Music
O Jewish Music
P American Folk and Ethnic Music
Q International Folk and Ethnic Music
R Holiday Music
S Varieties and Humor
T Plays
U Poetry
V Prose
W Documentary: History and Commentary
X Instructional
Y Sounds and Special Effects
ZM Children's Music
ZS Children's Recordings (Spoken)

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