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This is a subject guide for library resources on music.

Sound Recordings

Music Scores

Note:  Scores listed  "IN STORAGE" may not be accessible at the start of term but are scheduled to become available during the course of Fall 2021.  Scores not available in the library can usually be requested via CSU+ or Interlibrary Loan.

To search for scores, use OneSearch and on a results screen limit by Record Type to scores.

CSU Stanislaus Library - scores shelved in the main library:

  • Limit Record Type to Scores
  • In OneSearch results (under Tweak My Results), use filter to limit Location

CSU+ - scores available in 2-4 days

  • Limit Record Type to Scores
  • Make sure you are signed in to your OneSearch account.
  • Under Get It, use the Request item via CSU+ link (or Request via Interlibrary Loan for slower service) to retrieve a copy from another library.

Music Locations in the Renovated Library

As of the start of Fall 2021, OneSearch lists the Library Annex for items on campus and IN STORAGE for items not yet available but being moved from off-campus storage into the renovated library. As the term progresses, these locations and the availability may change.

See the library's homepage on how to access items from the library (via online request and/or visiting the library).

  • CSU Stanislaus Library
    • Items are owned by the University Library (and not by a different CSU)
    • Look for a call number (for items in the main stacks) or a sub-location (Music CD, IN STORAGE Online, Stockton, etc.)
  • CSU Stanislaus Library Library Annex
    • All items formerly in the Library Annex are housed in the renovated main library (as of Fall 2021).
    • Books, scores, and other items without a special location should be in the main stacks (compact shelving).
  • CSU Stanislaus Library  IN STORAGE
    • Items stored off-campus during construction are being moved to the renovated library; they will be available sometime during the Fall 2021 term.
    • If not available from CSU Stanislaus, item may be requested via CSU+ or Interlibrary Loan instead.
  • Music CD
    • The CD cabinets, formerly in the Library Annex, are now in the renovated main library.
    • Music CDs are usually available for request / check-out.

Library Liaison