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This is a subject guide for library resources on music.

Searching OneSearch for Scores

Scores are listed in OneSearch (just like books and CDs). Search OneSearch for key terms related to your desired score, such as the name of the composer (Rossini), the name of the piece (Figaro), or other, brief pertinent information (arias, songs, high voice, mezzo soprano, medium voice, low voice, piano, etc.).

  • Be sure to limit results to scores:  On a search results screen, under Record Type (in the "Tweak My Results")  select scores.
  • For vocal music: In the OneSearch box, add your general voice range (high, low, medium) to the search box.  Alternatively, try adding your part (soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, bariton, or bass).

Example Searches:

Caro mio ben AND high voice

Mezzo soprano and Arias

Lieder AND Tenor

O du, mein holder Abendstern

  • Location: CSU Stanislaus Library - scores normally available in the main library on campus
  • Request from Other CSU Libraries via CSU+  - usually available in 2-4 business days after you submit a request (you must be signed in to see the CSU+ request link)
  • Request item via Interlibrary Loan  - usually available in 4-10 business days after you submit a request

Access to Scores

OneSearch lists music scores shelved on campus, found with the music books under the call number "M." OneSearch also can identify scores held in other CSU campuses, which you can request via the OneSearch "CSU+" link and have delivered to the Man Library or the Stockton Library Access Center.  There is no charge for this service, and items are usually available for pick up 2-4 days after you submit a request.

OneSearch does not list sheet music owned and shelved in the Music Department.

Note - As of August 23, 2021, the OneSearch records still indicate Library Annex for items on campus and IN STORAGE for items being moved from off-campus storage into the renovated library. As the term progresses, IN STORAGE items should become available in the main library, and the specific location will be updated. 

Scores in the Renovated Library

Advanced Search Tips:

  1. In the options (under Search for), choose Books & Media: CSU Stanislaus.
  2. In the search box (after "Any Field" and "contains"), type your desired search term (e.g., Bach, cantatas, jazz, etc.)
    1. If you use multiple lines, search for the composer's name as the author (instead of any field).
    2. On a separate line, type the name of the desired piece (song), type (arias), or part (high voice, tenor).
  3. On a results screen, use the limiters on the filters (under "Tweak My Results" in the left column):
    1. Under Resource Type, choose Scores.

Other Search Tips

Opus / Catalog Numbers

You can try searching for an individual composer's opus or catalog number (e.g. BWV 22), but older OneSearch records do not always list them. The Library might own a score even if searching by the opus/catalog number displays zero results.  

If you do not know the opus or catalog number for your piece, one authoritative source is Grove Music Online (part of Oxford Music Online). Searching for the composer name and the word work will usually retrieve a list.


The Library Catalog lists over 3000 scores under the composer Johann Sebastian Bach 1685-1750. Only 2600 of these records mention the BWV number. 

The record for Bach's Mer hahn en neue Oberkeet mentions the Cantata number (212), but not BWV. (Searching for BWV 212 will not find this record, but searching for Bach Cantata 212 will retrieve it.)

Selections of Bach cantatas published by C. F. Peters lists "Jesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe" as Nr. 22 (not BWV 22). Searching for BWV 22 will retrieve this record, but you need to look closely to be sure the desired cantata is contained.

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