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HONS 3050: International Human Rights Issues - Dr. Conteh

This is a class page for Honors 3050. Instructor: Dr. Conteh

Finding Articles

Library databases index articles, and often link to the full text that the library has purchased. If we don't have the full text, you can order it from Interlibrary Loan, which takes up to 3 days. A librarian can help you with Interlibrary Loan.

Most databases are discipline-specific:

Some databases are interdisciplinary:

To search, use focused keywords and try different synonyms for your keywords. Learn better terminology in a good article and use that for even better search results. 

PDF or HTML links in the database lead to full text. Alternatively, the Find It button will search for the article in our other databases. A librarian can help you with all of your research questions.

Getting the Text of Articles

Searching a database will provide citations to scholarly journal articles and other scientific research.

To access the full-article, look for links to:

PDF full text image 

    HTML Full-Text

 If there are no full-text links, use Find It! to see if article is available in another library subscription.

          find it icon

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