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Social Work

This is a subject guide for library resources in social work.

Psychotherapy.Net Video Selection


Stan State can drop some of our current 50 videos and replace with different videos chosen from's remaining 300+ titles. Of the fifty current titles, twenty receive little or no use, and another ten little use, so we want to take this opportunity to identify titles to possibly replace videos with little or no use.

All Social Work and Counseling faculty are invited to select new titles to add to our subscription.

In the end, we still can only have 50 titles total from this collection, so a goal might be to select 20 titles from the expanded list to replace those current Stan State titles with the little or no use list.

The new titles will be live and accessible on September 1, 2024 (the start of our next subscription cycle).

Please enter you initials next to any title you want to be sure we keep or add, especially:

- If there are any current titles marked "Drop?" you want us to keep;

- If there are any titles we do not currently have you want us to add.

To mark a title for keeping/adding:

  • In the spreadsheet, add your initials in the "Add or Keep" column next to the title you want to add.


  • Email us (John Brandt <>; Victoria Hernandez <>;  and Anacani Rocha <>) with listing the titles you would like to keep/add, and we will update the spreadsheet.

Please let us know by April 21, 2024, so we can clarify the list before the end of term.

  • Spreadsheet listing all 350+ videos
  • Stan State's current fifty titles are at the top of the list, with usage listed.
    • Green: Twenty titles with highest use
    • Yellow: Ten titles with little use
    • Pink:  Twenty titles with very little or no use
  • The remaining 300 titles available for selection appear after
    • Grey: 300 titles that can be added to the collection.


Additional Video Collections

Two other library collections have significant counseling / psychotherapy content.  Some content is added over time to these collections by the publisher.

  • Counseling and Therapy in Video
    • Produced by Symptom Video
    • Paid for by Social Work (Hybrid /CAPE funds?).
  • Academic Video Online
    • Large interdisciplinary collection of 70,000 videos, including approximately 2000 counseling/therapy videos
    • Often skew older
    • Many produced by Medcom