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Social Justice

This is an academic guide that provides resources for social justice research and its related topics.

Social Justice

In June 2020, President Ellen Junn issued a statement in response to national incidents of racial violence. This statement issues a call to all campus groups to address issues of social justice on our campus. Library Faculty have developed an action plan to support our commitment to provide teaching, learning and research resources that promote and support social justice, inclusion and anti-racism. For more information, find the Dean's introduction on our about page, as well as the full Library Faculty Action Plan to Support Social Justice and Equity.

Stan State Social Justice Resources:

Social Justice is a broad topic that can be considered in any discipline or context. Across disciplines, conversations about social justice are often concerned with the distribution of resources and opportunity within a society. If you search the Library catalog for reference entries on "social justice," you'll find definitions from the Dictionary of Public Health, the Dictionary of Environment and Conservation, the Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, the Encyclopedia of Social Work, and many more. 

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics and International Relations defines social justice as:

"the particular emphasis in 'social justice' is on the foundational character of justice in social life: we are invited to move from a conception of justice to the design of constitutions, to critical perspectives on economic organization, to theories of civil disobedience. In this way, social justice defines the framework within which particular applications of distributive justice arise."

This is an academic Library guide that recommends resources for social justice research in a broad sense, as well as for specific topics within its scope. Because social justice is so interdisciplinary, the keywords, search strategies, and resources recommended here can also be applied broadly across many areas of research to approach topics from a social justice lens.

This guide primarily highlights Stan State Library resources but also includes Stan State links and other online resources. While this is not meant to be an exhaustive list of resources, we hope that this will provide a starting point for those interested in social justice research.

The Library will continuously add to this guide with new resources and pages. If you have a question about the guide or would like to suggest additions, please contact us using the email listed in the "Library Liaison" box in the bottom-left of each page on the guide.

This guide was initially created as a collaboration between the University Library and the Warrior Cross Cultural Center (formerly the Diversity Center) in Fall 2019. It was then substantially reformatted and updated in late spring of 2020.

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