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Nursing: FNP / MSN Nurse Practioner Orientation

Introduction to library resources for the MSN: Nurse Practitioner program


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Introduction to Library Services

The CSU Stanislaus library offers a range of services to support the School of Nursing in general, and the MSN and Nurse Practitioner programs in particular.

  • Research databases to identify medical and nursing literature  (especially CINAHL, MEDLINE, PubMed)
  • Access to the full-text of journal articles in nursing and medical journals
    • Immediate access to articles in most nursing and some medical journals
    • Interlibrary Loan access to articles not owned by the library
      • Request forms linked from databases, DOI Lookup, Citation Lookup
      • Turn-around time is < 24 hours for most (50%) articles, < 3 days for vast majority (80%) of articles
  • Large ebook collection; quick access to entire CSU print book collection (search and request via OneSearch / CSU+)
  • Access to book collections of most libraries (search via WorldCat; request via Interlibrary Loan / OneSearch Request)

Seaching the Literature: Specialized Databases

Medical Journal Literature Searching: Databases

Records in most library tools usually have links to the full-text available immediately online or an Interlibrary Loan request form (to retrieve a copy in 1-3 days).

Find the ful text via Stan State

InterLibrary Loan

When the library does not own an article or other research material, we usually can retrieve a copy for you from another institution via Interlibrary Loan.  The library absorbs the costs and copyright fees for this service, and items retrieved are usually available in 2-7 business days.  (Articles are often available in PDF in 1-4 business days.)

1) Link from a database  (including CINAHL, MEDLINE, OneSearch and, if using a Stan State PubMed link, PubMed)

Find it via Stan State

If MEDLINE does not have a Find It! button, look for the "Context sensitive link"

2) Stan State DOI Lookup service

3) Directly entering information in Interlibrary Loan request form

General Library Services: Books and More

Broader Discipline Sources and Interdisciplinary Research

The library's main search tool, OneSearch, provides access to over 100 million research articles in all disciplines online and citations for even more, immediate access to over 300,000 scholarly books online, and the records books held at 23 campuses of the CSU system around the state (and the ability to request a copy).

For Remote Students

Most current research tools and sources are delivered online, but most students retrieve hard copy books in person at the library.  For students enrolled in distance courses, if there is ever a need for a print resource, you can submit a request to have the information delivered to you (either digitized or possible shipping).

Introduction to Library Resources

Tips for Nursing Research

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