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Indigenous Studies & Sustainability

This is an academic research guide for the intersection of the topics of Indigenous Studies and Sustainability.

About Indigenous Sustainability

Image shows the back of someone's head with flowers braided in their hair, and a sign to their right labeled "indigenous peoples organization." A participant at the Informal Interactive Hearing with Indigenous Peoples

The term “Indigenous sustainability” refers to the concept that centers the knowledge of Indigenous Peoples within conversations about global environmental sustainability, as well as those of Indigenous Peoples’ own lands, cultures, and languages. The field of Indigenous Studies affirms that Indigenous Peoples have always applied sustainable practices as part of their cultures, but that these practices have been interrupted by colonization and other external forces.

Indigenous sustainability is an interdisciplinary topic, with applications to areas of decolonial studies, economics, law and policy, environmental studies, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, education, and more. Other terms related to Indigenous sustainability include Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous Peoples, sustainability development, sustainability practices, and more.

Image credit: UN Photo by Manuel Elias, 25 April 2019, United Nations, New York

This guide is intended as a starting point for those researching Indigenous sustainability and its related topics. This guide is not meant to make definitive statements about Indigenous sustainability or to serve as a comprehensive list of resources.

Use the tabs on the left side of the guide to navigate between pages. This guide includes recommended books, suggestions for searching for both books and articles, and links to other resources available online. The resources suggested span various disciplines and geographic areas, but special effort was made to include sources most applicable to Stanislaus State University, the state of California, and the Southwestern region of the United States.

This guide was created as a collaboration between the University Library and Dr. Cueponcaxochitl Moreno Sandoval of the Ethnic Studies program at Stanislaus State University.

Indigenous Peoples and the Sustainable Development Goals

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