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Aviation and Aerospace Resources

Photograph shows the first powered, controlled, sustained flight. Orville Wright at the controls of the machine, lying prone on the lower wing with hips in the cradle which operated the wing-warping mechanism. Wilbur Wright running alongside to balance the machine, has just released his hold on the forward upright of the right wing.Welcome to our National Aviation History Month research guide! Below is a list of resources for beginning research into the history of aviation and aerospace. We also have a guide about the history of women in aviation and aerospace and a guide about air mail pilots which are also available on this page. Scroll down to view the resources and find our other guides. 

Air Mail History Research Guide

The United States Air Mail Service also known as the Aerial Mail Service was created by the United States Post Office Department, the predecessor of today’s United States Postal Service, to deliver mail via airplane. From 1918 to 1927, the Post Office Department built and operated the nation’s air mail service by establishing routes, training pilots, and testing aircraft. Learn more about the Air Mail Service and its pioneering pilots by viewing our Air Mail History guide!

Air Mail History Guide by Stanislaus State Library

Women in Aviation and Aerospace Research Guide

In honor of National Aviation History Month, the CSU Stanislaus library created a guide detailing government information resources about women in aviation and aerospace history. This guide highlights women in aviation from the early 1900s to the present day! Click the image below to open the Women in Aviation and Aerospace guide.