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Research Workshops

Welcome to the Research Workshops guide!

Welcome to the Research Workshops Guide!

Welcome to the Research Workshops guide!
The purpose of this guide is to provide more information on the workshops including:

  • Access to workshop surveys
  • Supplemental handouts
  • Workshop logistics 

Each page on the left-hand side navigation corresponds to a topic.

Workshops are held on the second floor of the library in L258. Workshops are held in-person.
Register on arrival with StanTutor:
On arrival, tutors will help students log into StanTutor.
Choose a lecture topic:
Scan the QR code to pick one of six topics of interest for the workshop. The lecture for each workshop will be dependent on crowdsourcing directly from students.
Lecture (10-15 min.):
Workshop lectures range in topic from citation styles and library resources to aspects of the research process. Lecture slides can be accessed from handouts uploaded in this guide.
Research Help (40-50 min.):
The librarian will roam and assist students with their assignments, providing research support and guidance. Tutor mentors are welcome to join and strengthen the academic success network.

Please scan the QR Code with your device and select a research topic of interest!

QR Code to select a topic!

Thank you for attending!

Please scan the QR Code with your device and provide valuable feedback!

Workshop Calendar

Workshop Schedule (in-person, L258)

Schedule table of days and times for workshops in spring 2023.
Mondays & Fridays
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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