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PSCI 4326: Agriculture Policy and Regulations

This is a class page for PSCI 4326.

MLA Citation Style

Text Citations
A typical in-text citation is composed of the author's name and page number (54). 

One author: The citation for a paraphrased idea should be placed as close as possible after the borrowed container, at a natural pause in your sentence, so the flow is not disrupted (57). Ex: (Baron 194)
No author: If the the author is anonymous or an organization, your in-text citation contains the title, in entirety within the text or abbreviated before the page number in parenthesis (56). Ex: (Reading 3).
Multiple authors: 

Two authors: Include both last names in the in-text citation, connected by and (116). Ex: (Dorris and Erdrich 23) 
Three or more authors: The in-text citation begins with the first author's name followed by et al. (116). Ex: (Burdick et al. 42)

Works Cited
Format the Works Cited list so that the second and subsequent lines of each entry are indented half an inch from the left margin (112). 

Book (26): 

Last name, First name. Title of Container. Publisher, Year. 


Berk, Richard A. Water Shortage: Lessons in Conservation from the Great California Drought, 1976-1977. Abt Books, 1981.


Web page (41): 

Last name, First name. "Title of source." Title of container, Other contributors, Publisher, Year, URL. Date of access.

Ex: ​

California Department of Fish and Game. "Coho Salmon." Fisheries Branch, 2017, https://www.wildlife Accessed 20 June 2018.


Journal article from an online database with DOI (110): 

Last name, First name. "Title of source." Title of container, volume number, issue number (presented as no.), Year, Page numbers. Database name, URL. 


Hladik, Michelle, et al. "Concentrations and Loads of Suspended Sediment-Associated Pesticides in the San Joaquin River, California and Tributaries during Storm Events." Science of the Total Environment, vol. 408, no. 2, 2009, pp. 356-364. ScienceDirect,

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