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NURS 3700: Introduction to Nursing Research

This is a class guide to NURS 3700.

Activity for Nursing 3700

1. Search OneSearch, CINAHL, and PubMed for pressure ulcers and wound care.  Look for peer reviewed journal articles.  How do the number of results compare between them?  How do the search options compare?

For example, you could search the following resources for pressure ulcers and wound care, and 

  • OneSearch
  • PubMed


2.  Evaluating the actual results lists for quality and relevance, how do these databases differ in their results?  What might be your next step if you were researching this topic?


3. Use a citation tool in one of the databases of the library's APA citation guide to create APA style reference for this article:

Example article: The 2007 article by Moore and Cowman on “A systematic review of wound cleansing for pressure ulcers” published in volume 17, issue 15 of the Journal of Clinical Nursing.


If you used a library citation tool to create the citation (OneSearch, EBSCO/CINAHL, etc.), did the APA citation provided by the search tool seem accurate?

4. How do you get access to an article the library does not own?

The example provides a description of an article the CSU Stanislaus Library does not own.  If you wanted this article, how would you find it and read it?

Example article: A 2014 article by Ubbink & Stoekenbroek covered “Systemic wound care: a meta-review” and was published in volume 24 of the journal Surgical Technology International.

5. How many ways can you list for asking librarians for assistance with a research project?  Which of the library help services would be most interesting and useful to you in your study and research style?