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Credo Information Literacy Core Online Modules

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What is Credo Information Literacy Core?

Information Literacy Core is a library of Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) or learning modules by Credo, a company that provides resources for libraries and faculty.  Faculty can use these modules to integrate information literacy(IL) into their curriculum and learning management system (LMS). 

If you need resources for teaching information literacy topics, these modules consist of 50 videos, 30 html-based tutorials, and many quizzes that span information literacy and research writing topics including:

  • how to get started writing a research paper
  • how to search library databases
  • how to cite sources properly to avoid plagiarism
  • how to evaluate authority of library and Web sources
  • much more


  • mapped to the 2016 Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy
  • can embed stable URLs in LMS
  • quiz results routed to you
  • video, graphics, text and audio appeal to multiple learning styles
  • ADA and FERPA compliant

How to Integrate Information Literacy Core into your Curriculum

In the navigation menu on the left, you can view all modules in the Master List of Modules.  To offer modules to your students, use the Get Stable Links page. 

There are 3 types of Credo links for each module.  Generally, using the LTI links is the best option for quizzes because results automatically go to your Canvas gradebook.

  • LTI links. LTI links integrate CREDO  quiz results directly with the Canvas LMS system.  If quiz LTI links are configured as assignments, quizzes completed by the user will be automatically entered into your Canvas gradebook. 
  • Direct links.  Direct links are URLs that includes proxy server codes for off campus users. They open the module in a new window.  If you enter CREDO quizzes into your LMS using the "Direct Link" URL,  the student will be prompted for email addresses where results can be sent
  • Embed Codes.  These are like direct links though they open within the frame of your LMS rather than in a new window.  In Canvas, you can only add these to Pages, which have an html editor.

Consult with your favorite librarian to learn more about integrating librarian-led research sessions into your course.  Also see information on this page to help you integrate information literacy instruction into your curriculum.

Contact Tim Held ( with questions.