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WorldCat: Requesting a Book: WorldCat: requesting a book

Requesting a book - WorldCat

Items listed in the interface can be requested via the following methods:

  1. Use the CSU Stanislaus version of WorldCat (, view a specific title and then click  Find it. (This works for CSU Stanislaus users either on-campus or off-campus).
  2. For the "plain" version of (pages listed as, not
    1. On-campus computers viewing the "plain" ( version, go to the full record of a specific title and use the Find the text via the Library link. More info on on-campus viewing WorldCat
    2. Off-campus computers viewing the "plain" ( version, either go to the CSU Stanislaus version or note the desired information (author, title, publication information), and search the University Library. More info on off-campus viewing WorldCat

Request an item while viewing the CSU Stanislaus version of

  1.  Access the CSU Stanislaus version of WorldCat  (on campus or off-campus)
  2.  Search for desired topics or terms, and then view the full record of a desired title (click on the title of a book)
  3.  Within the full record of an item (e.g.. only that item information is displayed, not a list of results), click on the Find It! button (placed under either "Find a copy in the Library" or "Find a copy online.")

  Find It!

This "Find It!" link should lead to a menu indicating whether the book is available in the University Library, a link to request it via our quick CSU+ service, or a link to request it via Interlibrary Loan.  For items not owned by CSU Stanislaus, users will need to login with appropriate campus credentials (Warrior Card # for CSU+, campus username for ILL) to submit a request for the item.

To Access CSU Stanislaus version of WorldCat

Go straight to

 -OR-   Use a link from the Library’s website ( under Books or Databases A-Z

 -OR-   If coming from on-campus and you visit a address, you should be prompted to choose the CSU Stan version or the “plain version” :   

Choose a version of WorldCat

Viewing the "plain" version of WorldCat  ( while using an on-campus computer or network:   While viewing a  plain "” screen using an on-campus computer, the full record for an item should display the choices displayed below. (The Find the text via the Library text should link to a request form for items not owned by the University LibraryFind the text via the Library choice for connections to WorldCat from campus IPs

Plain version of  ( from an off-campus computer:

Currently, there is no easy way request a book via CSU Stanislaus from a “plain” record.  (The recommended, best way is to use the  CSU Stanislaus WorldCat version instead).

  • To see if the University Library owns a book:

Under Find a copy in the librarylook for CSU Stanislaus.  (You may need to change the location to zip code 95382).

  • To link to CSU Stanislaus services:

Under Nearby Libraries, look for CSU Stanislaus.  (If not listed, scroll to the bottom, select Find More Libraries, and enter 95382 for the zip code.)

  • To automatically link to CSU Stanislaus Library web pages:

Create a personal account for, and list CSU Stanislaus as one of your favorite libraries.

This "favorites" option will link to general CSU Stanislaus Library pages, but not a specific request form.