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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Should I request a Kanopy video?

A license to access a Kanopy is not inexpensive (the typical license costs $150 per year), therefore we encourage instructors to consider other sources as appropriate, including the library's AVON collection (which provides unlimited access to all videos at no additional cost). We are also committed to support instructional and curricular needs, including renewing licenses to specific Kanopy videos as appropriate.

How to Renew an Existing Kanopy license

If the library has already licensed a video from Kanopy, instructors using a Kanopy video as part of their courses can request the library renew the license.

To request the library renew an existing license for a specific Kanopy video:

Send the following information via email to:

1. The title of the video

2. Your name

3. The department, course number(s), and course name(s) where the video will be used


How to Request a New Kanopy video

  • You can send an email to (or,
    • Alternately, you search for and find the video on the Kanopy site and use their request link (instructions below).
  •  Requests essential to course curriculum (e.g. required by faculty for all students to watch) will be prioritized.
  • Videos with current licenses that have not expired other questions can be directed to:

The Kanopy Request Form appears to be unavailable as for March 23, 2020.  It has been reported to Kanopy. Please send it requests via email until the Kanopy form is restored.

Request form on the Kanopy site:

1. Visit the Stanislaus State Kanopy service

2. Search for desired video

3. Click on the desired entry to display the record for that title

You may have to scroll down past current videos to see unsubscribed videos, and the exact match in unlicensed titles.

4. Click on the picture to play the video.

5. If the video is not licensed, a request form should appear.

Enter your name, status (e.g. faculty), email, and the reason the video is needed into the form.

Access video collections:

Questions & Feedback

Please submit any questions and feedback regarding these collections to: