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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Current Kanopy Licenses

Stanislaus State Kanopy videos with license expiring Summer 2021 or later
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch - How Humans Have Impacted the Planet 30-Apr-23
Awakening 21-Aug-21
Battle of Algiers 22-Apr-23
Care - Care Workers, Their Clients, and a Coming Crisis 18-Mar-23
Consuming Kids - The Commercialization of Childhood 20-Feb-23
Creating Gender Inclusive Schools 19-Oct-21
Do You Dream in Color? - The Dreams and Aspirations of Four Blind Teenagers 8-Oct-21
Dreamworlds 3 - Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video (playlist) 22-Jun-23
Embrace - The Body Image Movement 21-Sep-23
Empathy Gap - Masculinity and the Courage to Change 19-Nov-22
Forbidden - Undocumented and Queer in Rural America 1-Dec-21
Gather 30-Dec-21
Generation Found - Youth-Focused Addiction Recovery Support 4-Nov-22
I Am Not Your Negro - James Baldwin and Race in America 31-Jan-23
In Sickness and in Wealth 1-May-23
Invitation to Dance - Disability in 21st Century America 4-Oct-21
Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women (playlist) 20-Nov-22
Latinos Beyond Reel - Challenging a Media Stereotype (playlist) 12-Jun-23
Miss Representation 30-Dec-22
Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now (playlist) 1-Apr-23
Orgasm Inc. - The Strange Science of Female Pleasure 23-Mar-23
Out in the Night - Criminalization of Race, Gender Identity and Sexuality 20-Feb-23
Pornland - How the Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Sexuality 9-Feb-22
Precious Knowledge - Fighting for Mexican American Studies in Arizona Schools 14-Nov-22
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist) 1-Oct-22
Same Difference - Gender Roles in the Black Lesbian Community 9-Sep-21
Still Doing It 14-Sep-21
Stonewall Uprising 14-Sep-21
Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell - A History of U.S. Military’s Ban on Gays and Lesbians 26-Oct-21
Stuart Hall: Representation & the Media 14-Sep-21
Taking Back the Schools 30-Mar-23
Uluburun Shipwreck 31-Aug-21