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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Kanopy Online Streaming Video

For 2019-2020, the library is using Academic Video Online (from Alexander Street / ProQuest) as the primary supplier of online streaming video.  Access to any Kanopy video with an existing Stanislaus State license is still available until the one-year license period expires for that title.

  • Existing Stanislaus State Kanopy videos remain accessible until the license for that title expires.
  • Kanopy licenses last one year and can expire at any time.
  • Instructors using Kanopy titles in their courses should check the expiration date
  • If AVON titles do not cover curricular needs, instructors can request a title from Kanopy (a new license or a renewal)

If the title is not available for viewing on the CSU Stanislaus Kanopy site (or it is not in the Stanislaus Kanopy "expiring" lists), it is likely the library does not have a current license for that video. Do not hesitate to contact the library ( for assistance.

Checklist for Instructors Using Kanopy

Existing Kanopy licenses remain active until their expiration date (licenses run one year and can expire at any time).

1. Check the status and expiration date of your Kanopy video.

Note: You can also find the expiration dates in OneSearch.  The "full record" for a video in OneSearch lists the expiration date for a Kanopy license as a "Public Note," in the "View It" section  just below the link to the Kanopy site.

2. If the Kanopy license expires before it is needed for your course:

a. Check Academic Video Online to see if the title is available.

Some Kanopy titles are now available on AVON (at no extra cost to CSU Stanislaus).

b. If title is not on AVON, request a renewal of the Kanopy license,

send an email to:

Include the following in the email message:

  1. Video title
  2. Your name
  3. Department, course number(s), course name(s) where the video will be required

3. If the Kanopy license expires after it is needed in your course:

  • please check to see if there are any adequate alternatives on AVON before requesting a renewal
  • please submit your renewal request as early as possible (before the term needed), so the library can processes the renewal in a timely manner and/or check for alternatives (e.g. sometimes the publisher will sell permanent online access).

We will be happy to answer any questions, check on any title, look at other options/availability or help with renewing:

John Brandt, Electronic Resources Librarian, 209-664-6563

Access video collections:

Questions & Feedback

Please submit any questions and feedback regarding these collections to: