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Videos in the Library Collection

Videos available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

Linking to an AVON video as a Web Link

Directions on creating a link to an AVON video for use in Canvas

1) Access the desired video on AVON.

2) Copy the URL.

You can highlight and copy it from the location bar at the top.

For example:

3) Add the following to the beginning of the URL:

The final URL should look like:

For example:

4) Paste the URL where needed. (In Canvas, add it as a normal web link.)

Canvas "Tool" for AVON Videos

You may link to Academic Video Online videos in Canvas using the LTI Canvas integration tool.

Follow the normal steps to add content. You should see a special category for Alexander Street Video (in addition to the normal list of "item," "file", "web link," "video", etc.)


  1. Add/Create New Content
  2. "Tools" tab
  3. Select Apps (View All)
  4. Alexander Street Video 
  5. Search for desired video
  6. Choose one of the three options next to desired title:
    1. Link (normal web-style link)
    2. Embed - Medium (play video inline - medium size)
    3. Embed - Large
  7. Close Window
  8. Review title in your Canvas course window.

Access video collections: