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Videos in the Library Collection

Videos available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

AVON: Academic Video Online

About AVON

  • ProQuest's general educational video service build around the core Alexander Street academic video collection
  • Includes titles licensed from major video publishers (selected titles from PBS, BBC, California Newsreel, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to all 67,000 titles in the AVON collection (Academic Video Online "channel") during the subscription (single, fixed cost for entire academic year)
  • Sample Content: Currently Stanislaus only has access to videos on the AVON channel.  Alexander Street sells separate access to other collections and titles via other "channels" which will be labeled sample.

For help with searching and content:

Platform Notes

  • Multiple keyword searches recommended

Note: in the new platform, subject terms are not uniformly applied across the videos, so the "subject:" search feature does not  necessarily retrieve all videos on a topic, and their filtering and grouping features are less comprehensive than in their previous platform. Conducting multiple keyword searches is recommended unless or until more robust tools (consistent keywords or subjects, collections and groupings, or search tools) are in place.


AVON: Example Video Types