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Thesis & Dissertation - Submitting Dissertation: Submitting Dissertation

Submitting your electronic thesis, project, or dissertation

Congratulations, Stan State graduate students, on reaching this important milestone of getting ready to submit and publish the final version of your thesis/project/dissertation in electronic format. 

Have you completed all required steps?

Before proceeding to the submission process, please take a minute to review the checklist below to ascertain that you have completed all required steps in the thesis/project/dissertation clearance process.

  • My thesis/project/dissertation is written and formatted in conformity to the University's Master's Thesis/Project Doctoral Dissertation Guidelines.
  • The chair of my committee has approved the final version of my thesis/project/dissertation and signed the Approval Form.
  • I have submitted the signed approval form to the University Library via email and received acknowledgement that the Approval Form is received and accepted. 
  • The Certification of Approval page in the thesis/project/dissertation manuscript (in PDF format) I prepared for submission is unsigned. (University Library no longer archives signed Certification of Approval page.)

About the submission site ETD Administrator

You will be submitting your electronic thesis/project/dissertation through a web-based system called “ETD Administrator”, a product of ProQuest, the publisher of the database ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.  The submission site will guide you through the submission process, including registering a new account, selecting a publishing option, and converting your dissertation to PDF format.  Please follow the instructions and read the options carefully.

What happens when the submission is complete?

When you have completed the submission process, ETD Administrator will display a confirmation statement that says: “Submission Complete: Thank You.” You will also receive an email from the ETD Administrator, acknowledging receipt of your submission. But the thesis/project/dissertation clearance process does not end here.  The University Library will review your electronic thesis/project/dissertation, making sure that this final version of your dissertation is in full conformity to university guidelines.  When the review is complete and satisfied, the University Library will issue an official clearance notification. The notification will be sent via email to you, your program director, and the graduate school. Upon receipt of this notification, your thesis/project/dissertation clearance process is complete.

Locate and access your electronic thesis, project, or dissertation

Once your thesis/project/dissertation is accepted by the University Library, it will be deposited to the University’s digital institutional repository, Stanislaus ScholarWorks. A copy of your thesis/project/dissertation will also be submitted to the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT), a database for dissertations and theses worldwide. Your manuscript will be indexed and abstracted by both Stanislaus ScholarWorks and the PQDT, but the full-text version of your manuscript will be made available based on the publishing and license options you selected during the submission process.

Proceed to the submission site

Access ETD Administrator at California State University, Stanislaus and begin the submission process.