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Stockton Library: For Stockton Faculty

Services for stockton faculty

Services for faculty

The Library provides resources and services to support and collaborate with faculty in instruction, research, and resource development. Some of the fundamental services we offer faculty are teaching information literacy, providing course reserves, and research help.

Course Reserves 

The Library supports reserve materials in electronic and physical format. If you have a resource (video, book chapter, etc.) that you would like your students to have access to, you can do so by filling out our E-reserves request form or our Print Course Reserves form. To do so, please visit the Course Reserves for Faculty page. The Library will upload the source material to our E-reserves or Print Course Reserves.

The material may belong to the library or to the instructor and will be made available to students according to the information indicated by the instructor on the form. Instructors are responsible for insuring that reserve materials comply with copyright law (check out our Copyright guide for more information). Types of materials that can be placed on reserve include resources from the Stan State Library collection and materials owned and provided by the instructor (copies made in accordance with copyright law will be accepted as well). The Library is not able to place on reserve materials borrowed from another library or obtained through rental for personal use.

Library Instruction

Have a librarian meet with your class!

  • Instructors can help students develop research skills by having a librarian meet with your class.
  • Information literacy is essential for students to excel in our information-based society. Librarians provide a range of informational services, including assistance in finding specific information, using online databases, developing appropriate search strategies to find sources in our Library catalog, and evaluating different types of sources.
  • If you would like to schedule an instruction session, please fill out our Research Instruction Request formIf you have any questions, contact the Stockton Campus Librarian at

Stockton Campus Librarian

If you have any questions regarding research, course reserves, library instruction, or library services, please contact your Stockton Campus Librarian at

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