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Database/Resource Name Description and Information  
ABI/INFORM Business Databases Business (accounting, finance, management, marketing) articles from peer reviewed journals & news/industry sources, and company information. More information
Academic Search Premier Search for journal articles in all subjects (from selected peer-reviewed journals and key popular/news magazines). More information
Academic Search + Omnifile Search for articles published in 5,000 scholarly journals and popular magazines covering every subject (includes full-text of 3/4 of articles). (Simultaneous search of Academic Search Premier and Omnifile Mega.)
ACLS History & Humanities E-Books Full-text of over 1000 books in history and related humanities
ACM Digital Library Full-text of articles from 40 computer science journals and proceedings from 80 conferences; advanced Guide to Computing Literature includes citations to 1 million computer science publications.
AGRICOLA Citations to selected research and publications on agriculture, forestry, and animal science.
America: History and Life Citations to scholarly journal articles and selected research on U.S. and Canadian history.
American Chemical Society Core+ Index to 500,000 articles from in 45 ACS chemistry journals, including full-text access to CSU Stanislaus Core+ titles. More information
American Institute of Physics Scitation site provides full-text of 40+ physics journals from the AIP and its member societies. More information
Annual Reviews Review articles of key developments in selected fields.
Anthropology Plus Citations to articles published in anthropology journals and series. More information
AnthroSource Full-text of articles from 30 journals published by the American Anthropological Society.
Art & Architecture Complete Citations and selected full-text of articles published ine key art journals (1970's - present).
ARTSEARCH Directory of employment opportunities in theatre and related performing arts. More information 
BHA (Bibliography of the History of Art) Citations to journal articles as well as selected books, conferences, dissertations, and catalogs related to art and art history.
Biological Abstracts Citations to articles published in over 4,000 life science and biomedical journals.
Book Review Digest Retrospective Citations to 1.5 million reviews of over 300,000 books published from 1905-1982, including a summary of at least one review for each book.
Business Full Text Citations and selected full-text of articles published in 800 business journals.
Business Source Premier Citations and selected full-text of articles published in 2,300 business sources. More informationBusiness Search Interface  
Cabell's Directory  Publishing opportunities and policies from academic journals business & education
Calisphere Includes primary source materials (photographs, newspapers, diaries, etc.) from the University of California and other organizations.
Chemical Abstracts

Citations to articles from chemistry journals via SciFinder Scholar. (First time users must register an account before signing in). 

Checkpoint  Tax and accounting information, including federal, state, local and international tax as well as financial management and reporting
Chicago Manual of Style Full-text of the manual used by many humanities departments for formatting citations, notes, bibliographies, papers, and more.
Chicano Database Citations to books and articles on Mexican-American and Latino topics.
CINAHL Plus Citations to articles from over 3,000 nursing journals and related materials, including full-text of 1000 nursing periodicals.
College Source Catalogs, websites, and institutional profiles for most colleges and universities in the United States.
Communication and Mass Media Complete Full-text of articles from over 200 communications and media journals, and citations to articles in 300 additional publications. Political, economic, corporate and environmental news and trends of countries.
CQ Researcher Excellent "pro/con" analysis of over 500 key social, economic, and policy issues. Weekly issues cover a new topic in a 20-30 page report, including a history of the issue, the current debate with likely outcomes, and a bibliography of key sources. Video Tutorials
CREDO Reference Academic encyclopedia and dictionary entries defining and introducing topics in all disciplines.
Criminal Justice Abstracts Citations to 80,000 journal articles, books and reports in criminology 
Current Biography Brief biographies and obituaries of selected individuals (1940 - present).  
Datastream Analyze company financial information (available only at the Datastream workstation).
Digital Theatre Plus Videos of selected theatre performances and well as professional and educational topics.
Directory of Open Access Journals Full-text of articles from over 6000 scientific and scholarly journals
Dissertations Full-Text (ProQuest) Abstracts of 1 million+ dissertations and theses written for humanities and social sciences degrees (full-text of most from 1997 - present). Does not include dissertations in science.
Early English Books Online Books published in the English language during the 15th - 17th centuries (full-text of over 100,000 titles).
EBSCOhost Research databases from the library's EBSCOHost service, indexing journal articles and other research publications in all fields (biology, education, nursing, psychology & more).
EBSCOhost eBooks Electronic books in the fields of business and economics, computer science, education, psychology, science, social science and general reference (from NetLibrary and ABC-CLIO).
EconLIT Citations to journal articles and other research in economics (1968 - present).
Education Full Text Citations to articles from 700+ education journals (full-text articles from 300+ journals) published from 1984 - present.
Encyclopedia of Political Science Scholarly encyclopedia providing overviews of central ideas in political science (prepared by the American Political Science Association).
ERIC (EBSCO) Education Resources Information Center: Citations to research in education, including journal articles and ERIC documents (selected reports, books, conferences, etc.).  Video Tutorials and More information
Available via EBSCO, ProQuest, and the U.S. Department of Education.
Ethnic NewsWatch Full-text of 1.4 million articles published in more than 200 newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic and minority press (mostly 1990 - present, 20% in Spanish).
Europa World Yearbook Profiles of countries of the world.
Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia Basic encyclopedia compiling over 25,000 entries on general topics.  
Gale Virtual Reference Library Scholarly encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference works in the arts, biography, business, education, history, law, literature, medicine, religion, science and social science.
Gender Watch Full-text of 100,000+ articles focusing on gender-related issues (including women's & men's issues and sexuality) from academic and popular publications.
General Reference Center Gold Citations to articles from over 4,000 magazines, professional and trade journals, academic journals, and selected newspapers. Includes full-text of roughly half of the articles listed.
General Science Full Text Citations to 1 million articles published in 300+ academic science journals (1984 - present). Biology & health sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and physical sciences.
Global Road Warrior Profiles of each country in the world, including cultural practices, and business customs. More information
Google Scholar Google's index of scholarly research in selected journal articles and books
Tips: how to get the full-text via library subscriptions
GovInfo Full-text of selected US government publications.
GPO Metalib Search 50+ US government databases, including the GPO Catalog and specific research databases, including NTIS (technical reports), EPA (environment), GAO (government), etc.
GreenFile Citations to articles on environmental issues from 600+ periodicals (200+ peer-reviewed).
Grove Art Online Full-text of 45,000 peer-reviewed articles from the foremost scholarly art encyclopedia. Now part of the Oxford Art Online.
Grove Music Online Full-text of 50,000 articles on all aspects of music from Grove's leading encyclopedias on music, opera, and jazz. Now part of the Oxford Music Online  
Historical Abstracts Citations to journal articles, selected books, chapters, and dissertations on world history from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada).
Humanities Full Text Citations to articles from key academic journals in the humanities (1984 - present), including art, communications, dance, gender studies, history, literature, music, philosophy, & theatre.  
ICPSR Data Sets Access to data sets published by the government & other research organizations. (Generally requires statistical software to access). ICPSR guide
IEEE Digital Library Access to computer and engineering journals and conference proceedings.  
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Criticism & Theory Overview of important figures, schools, and movements in literary theory and criticism. More information

Full-text of articles in selected scholarly journals, mostly from older issues (usually published more than 5 years ago). More information

Kantar Media SRDS

Directory of advertising by area & type (print, radio/TV, web); overviews of local markets. Local Market Audience service requires use of Internet Explorer 8 or 9 only. More information
ADA icon If you have a visual impairment or fine motor impairment, a librarian can assist you. (Accessibility assistance)

Kanopy Streaming Video   Online videos from a range of sources including academic/professional publishers, documentaries (including Ken Burns), films and television (such as PBS and the BBC)   More information
LISTA Citations to articles in library science journals.
Literature Resource Center Biographies and critiques/interpretations of authors and their writings (from ancient times to the present).  
Market Share Reporter Brief market share charts for major companies within specific industries (e.g. sales/production percentages of major competitors). More information
MAS Ultra - School Edition Periodical/magazine articles, primary sources, biographies, and images/photographs designed to support high school-level research.
MathSciNet Reviews and bibliographic data from Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications. Coverage is from 1940-present.
MEDLINE Citations to articles in medical journals. (Now available via Web of Knowledge and PubMed)
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print  Reviews of psychological test and assessment instruments (scores, comments, summary, pricing, and publisher information) and current index to "published" tests.  Includes entries from Tests in PrintMore information
Mergent Online Company information (U.S. and international), including SEC filings, annual reports, earnings, debt, and industry reports. More information
Merlot Index of peer-reviewed online learning materials (tutorials, lessons, etc.) for college-level students.
Middle Search Plus Research suitable for middle school students, including 140 periodicals and thousands of biographies and primary source materials
Military and Government Collection Citations to periodical articles on military and related governmental topics
MLA Bibliography Citations to literary criticism and articles on language, linguistics and folklore published in academic journals, monographs, series and conference proceedings (1926 - present).
Minerva Searchable catalog of the California State Archives, including descriptions of selected materials held by the archives.
Music Index Citations to journal/periodical articles and selected dissertations/conference proceedings on music, musicians, and the music industry. More information
Naxos Music Online Streaming audio of over 1 million tracks of classical music. More information
Naxos Jazz Music Online Streaming audio of contemporary jazz recordings.  (Currently accesses the Contemporary Jazz section of the general Naxos Music Library.) 
NCJRS Abstracts Citations to research on criminal justice published in selected government & research reports, books and journal articles. More information
OmniFile Full Text Mega Index to articles published since 1984 in over key 3,500 key publications, including academic journals and popular magazines. Includes the full-text from 1,700+ journals.
OneSearch Search for books and media (CSU Stanislaus and CSU+) and articles (Articles via the Primo Central Index) at the same time.
Online Archive of California Online access to historical primary source materials from various California museums, historical societies, and archives.
Ovid Nursing Full-Text Articles from selected nursing journals.
Oxford Art Online Excellent introductions to and overviews of major artists, works, styles and movements through the history of the visual arts. More information
Oxford English Dictionary Online Most authoritative and comprehensive dictionary of the English language. Contains the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past.
Oxford Journals Online Full-text of articles from over 170 journals published by Oxford from 1996 to the present.
Oxford Music Online Excellent introductions to and overviews of major musicians, works, styles and movements through the history of the music. More information
Oxford Reference Online Premium Full-text of selected Oxford reference books in fields such as art, biology, history, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, physical sciences, and theatre.
Philosopher's Index Citations to journal articles and selected research publications in philosophy.  More information
Physical Education Index Citations to articles in physical education journals (1970 - present). Video tutorial
PILOTS Citations to research on post-traumatic stress disorders.
Primary Search Full text for more than 70 popular magazines suitable for elementary school students to use for research.
Project MUSE Full-text of articles from 300 scholarly journals, primarily in the fields of literature, philosophy and history.
Physical Review Online Full-text of older articles (> 5 years) published in Physical Review physics journals. (Physical Review Online Archive)
ProQuest Direct Full-text of articles available via the Library's ProQuest subscriptions, including excellent coverage of business and news sources. More information
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Citations to 1 million dissertations and theses written for humanities and social sciences degrees, including full-text (PDF) of most since 1997. Video tutorial
ProQuest eBook Central Recent books from scholarly publishers, full-text of over 150,000 titles available.
ProQuest US Newsstream Full text of 300+ U.S. and international news sources including major U.S. and international newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Times of London. Video tutorials
PsycARTICLES Full-text of 26,000+ articles published in American Psychological Association journals.
PsycINFO Citations to 2 million articles published in psychology journals and abstracts of 400,000 dissertations and book chapters. 
Public Administration Abstracts Citations to articles in public administration journals and other publications.
PubMed Citations to articles in medical journals (and other selected biomedical literature). More information | How to access full-text of articles from PubMed
RAND California Statistics on California, bulletins on state and federal policy developments and an online library of research publications focusing on policy issues.
Readers' Guide Full Text Citations to 1 million articles published in popular magazines from 1984 to the present. Includes the full-text of articles from over 250 periodicals.
Readers' Guide Retrospective Citations to 3 million articles published in 375 leading popular magazines (1890 to 1982).
Roper Public Opinion Archives Primary data sets containing public opinion polls and related research More information 
Safari Tech Books Online Full-text of 7000+ technical computer books published by O'Reilly & Associates.
SAGE Premier Full-text of articles published in 440 selected SAGE journals from 1999 to the present.
ScienceDirect Full-text of articles published in 900+ selected Elsevier journals (1998 - present).
Citations to research published in chemistry journals and chemical reference databases. First time users must register for a SciFinder accountSign-in for registered usersMore information
Scitation Articles published in physics journals by American Institute of Physics and allied societies. More information
Social Science Research Data Access to advanced research data sets (usually not including summary statistics but individual responses to surveys).
Social Sciences Full Text Citations to 700,000 articles published in 600 key social science journals (1984 - present).
Citations to articles in selected social work journals and other research publications. More information
Sociological Abstracts Citations to articles in 2,000 sociology journals and other research publications. More information
Springer Link Full-text of articles from over 1,000 journals published by Springer (1997 to the present).

SRDS (Kantar Media)

Directory of advertising by area & type (print, radio/TV, web); overviews of local markets 

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Standard & Poor's Net Advantage Analyses of companies and industries (stocks, competitors, ratings, etc.) More information
Stanislaus Region History and Culture Image Collection Photographs and other images illustrating the history of Turlock, Stanislaus County, and the Central Valley. Accessible via Calisphere and OAC - the Online Archive of California.
Topographical Maps Index of USGS 7.5' and 15' maps available in the University Library.
UC Press E-Books Collection Over 700 scholarly works published by the University of California (1982-2004). Search U.S. government websites, including research reports and factsheets published online. 
Value Line Investment Survey Information on approximately 1,700 stocks and more than 90 industries.
Web of Science Citations and cited references to articles published in 12,000 top academic journals  More information
Westlaw Full-text access to case law, federal and state legislation, and much more. More information
Wiley Online Full-text of over 1400 scholarly journals published by Wiley & Blackwell. More information
Wilson OmniFile FT Mega Index to articles published since 1984 in over key 3,500 key publications, including academic journals and popular magazines. Includes the full-text from 1,700+ journals.
WorldCat Searches records of 80 million books and other items held by U.S. libraries (and selected libraries around the world)..
Also available via the FirstSearch interface. Video tutorials and More information