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Graduate Student Services: Graduate Student Services

Graduate student services

Thesis, Project, and Dissertation Information

Formatting Consultations & Online Tutorials: The University Library provides formatting consultations every semester to assist graduate students with Thesis, Project, and Dissertation formatting. View our consultation schedules and the online tutorials created by the University Library staff.

Guides to Writing Theses/Projects/Dissertations: Librarians are happy to assist you with the research and writing process of thesis /project/dissertation.  Visit the research help desk, chat with a librarian online, or make an appointment to discuss research; consult the Ask a Librarian page.  

Finding Theses, Projects, and Dissertations: Consulting already published theses/projects/dissertations may be a good way to begin your own writing. Find Theses & Dissertations written by Stan State students and students at other universities.  Stan State electronic theses and dissertations can also be accessed through ScholarWorks.

Literature Searching and Citation Style: Reference and Instruction Librarians are available to assist you with literature searches and style manual usage.  For self-help guides, consult the Library’s How to Cite Sources page.

Approval Form and Certification of Approval page

University Library is accepting Approval Form for Thesis, Project and Dissertation Submission and Certification of Approval page of thesis/project/dissertation manuscript through email.

  1. Complete the Approval Form for your thesis/project (PDF) or dissertation (PDF). On the signature lines, type in: Sign by email, and fill in the date.
  2. Save a copy of your manuscript’s Certification of Approval page in PDF format and type on the signature lines: Sign by email, and fill in the date.
  3. Send both files (Approval Form and Certification of Approval Page) as email attachments to AND COPY the Chair of your thesis/project/dissertation Committee.
  4. Your forms are authenticated by way of copying your Committee Chair. You will receive an acknowledgement when your forms are received and accepted.

Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation:

Submission Deadlines

Submitting a Doctoral Dissertation Online

Submitting Master's Thesis or Project Online