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Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video available via the CSU Stanislaus Library.

AVON: Example Subjects

Some of the following are either specialized collections within the broad Academic Video Online service, or lists of videos returned under specific subject and keyword searches.

AVON: Searching by Subject

AVON supports some "filtering" and searching by subject terms, which theoretically should provide more accurate search and retrieval than simple keyword searching. In reality, the "subject" terms appear to have not been applied to many of the individual records, so the subject searching and filtering is uneven.  Using the "collections" option is more likely to include results that would otherwise be missed.


At the top of each search or collection screen, AVON will usually display a filter option.  The first filter option should allow you to choose videos that match one of the top twenty subject headings in those videos. 


To limit a search to AVON's subject field, type "subject:" (the word subject with the colon) and your subject term.  (If your term has more than one word, put it in quotation marks.


subject:"social work"

AVON: Example Video Types