Wiley Journal Package

From 2014 through 2015, CSU librarians negotiated with Wiley to modify a system-wide package of 1367 online academic journals to better meet the needs of CSU faculty and students in terms of price and scope. During negotiations for a 2015 journal package renewal, Wiley insisted on significantly raising the price and expanding the package to include additional journals with no history of demand from the CSU system. With the support of a resolution from the CSU Academic Senate, the CSU system as a whole and a majority of individual CSU Libraries, including CSU Stanislaus, declined the 2015 offer.  Over the course of the following year, the Chancellor’s Office in cooperation with the CSU library deans continued negotiations with Wiley to reduce the subscription cost for a more focused journal package. CSU librarians proposed a package of core Wiley journals that usage data indicate CSU students and faculty actually access and need. In November 2015, Wiley made their best and final offer.  While the resulting package included only 400 journals, the cost had been reduced by less than 25%.  CSU Library directors declined to accept Wiley’s proposal and will not enter into a system-wide agreement for 2016. 


After much analysis by Library Faculty at CSU Stanislaus, the University Library did not pursue a Wiley journal package on its own for 2016. The recommendation by the Dean of Library Services and the Library Faculty called for:

  • Using other library subscriptions (including various EBSCOHost products) which provide access to a majority of titles previously part of the CSU Wiley package *
  • Encouraging the use of Interlibrary Loan to access articles not immediately available online (via other library packages or the Wiley archive) **
  • Subscribing to individual Wiley journals on a case-by-case basis, based on faculty requests and an analysis of subscription costs versus Interlibrary Loan


The University Library will monitor the performance of the aforementioned plan of action relative to discontinuance of the CSU Wiley journal package.  After one year the library will re-evaluate ongoing demand and costs for these titles to insure the most timely and cost-effective access to important academic journals for faculty and students.


At the beginning of Spring Semester, the Library held an Open Forum for department representatives, chairs, and all interested faculty to discuss any concerns regarding this package as well as other library collection development issues and needs.  


Of Note:

  * Of the 1367 titles in the full Wiley journal package offered to the CSU, 713 of the titles are available to CSU Stanislaus via other subscriptions, include EBSCOHost collections, Anthrosource, and direct subscriptions.  Combined with access to archival Wiley content, CSU Stanislaus users will continue to have immediate access to 70% of the articles previously downloaded from the CSU Wiley journal package.

 **  Most Wiley articles not immediately available online will be available via the Library’s Rapid Interlibrary Loan service (average delivery time is 1.5 days) or Get It Now! (articles available in 2-8 hours and paid for by the Library)


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CSU Stanislaus and the CSU System Wiley Journal Package


For questions, please contact John Brandt (jbrandt@csustan.edu, 209-664-6563), Electronic Resources Librarian