Web of Science

Web of Science  -  research and reference database now available via the CSU Stanislaus library

The most comprehensive and complete resource to track references in current journal literature, the Web of Science provides citations, abstracts and complete reference lists from every article published in more than 12,000 carefully selected, high-quality journals.   Here are just some of the Web of Science’s features:

  • Find the number of times an article has been cited;
  • Determine which journal articles have cited a particular work;
  • Find current articles on a topic;
  • Create a citation map for an article which illustrates the connections between citing authors, institutions and fields of study;
  • Provide a citation analysis report for an author (snapshot);
  • Determine the most highly cited works for an author;
  • Determine the most highly cited articles for a journal;
  • Identify top researchers in a field;
  • Eliminate self-citations from a citation count.
Disciplines that publish heavily in journal literature such as the sciences are better covered in the Web of Science than other subject areas such as business and education.
What is it? Index to articles and citations published in 12,000 journals
What's provided: Abstracts and complete list of references for every article published in selected, high-quality journals for the last 10 years
Subjects Covered: All disciplines (especially strong in science and social science)
Access to the full-text:  Find It! button
Dates Covered: 2004 - present


More Details

Number of Records: 16,000,000+
Availability: Available freely on-campus, off-campus restricted to current CSU Stanislaus faculty, students and staff
Platform: Thomson Web of Knowledge
Alert Services: Email, RSS (Topic, New citation, Author, Organization, etc.)
Default search: Boolean AND
Truncation symbol: * (asterisk)
Phrase searching: "phrase" (enclose phrase in quotation marks)
Boolean And: AND (implied)
Boolean OR: OR
Boolean NOT: not