Using Find It!

How do I use Find It! links? See:

Using Find It!

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Find It! links from a citation in a database to the full-text or other library services for that item.   Services may include immediate access to the full-text online, the location of  item in the library's print collection, and/or a request form to borrow a copy from another library.


Example Find It! Window:

Find It!

What the links mean:

Full text available via   Name of Library Subscription

The full-text should be available via another online library subscription.

  1. Note year, volume, issue and pages of article.
  2. Click "Full text available" link to open a new window displaying the new database.
  3. Click appropriate links in new window to access the full-text (often PDF) of the article.

Print/Microfilm Holdings   (Hard copy shelved in the University Library)

The full-text should available in "hard copy " (book, article, or microfilm)  in the library.

  1. Note year, volume, issue and pages of article.
  2. Click "Print/Microform Holdings "link to search for the desired item in the University Library Catalog.
  3. In the Catalog, check the Holdings line (for print copies) and the SUPPLS line (for microfilm) to see if the year/volume that contains your article is available in the library building.
  4. Note the location.  Most journals will be shelved by title of the journal in the Periodicals Collection (mostly along the windows in the Collaboratory/Reference Room).

Request a copy of this article (via Interlibrary Loan)

Indicates the item is not part of the library’s permanent collection.  (more instructions)

  1. Follow the "Request a copy" link to open a new window for Interlibrary Loan.
  2. You may be prompted to login to ILLiad  (first-time users will need to register)
  3. Find It! enters information about the item into the form    (tips for first-time users).
  4. Double-check the information in the form, scroll to the bottom, and submit it.
  5. Articles requested via Interlibrary Loan are usually available online in 1 to 4 days.

Request the Library purchase a copy for you  (via CCC Get It Now)

The library may be able to purchase a copy of this article and have it sent to your email address (usually within 2 hours).

The Get It Now service delivers items quickly (usually withing 2 hours) but costs the library more than Interlibrary Loan (which delivers items to you in 2-5 days).  If you do not need this article ASAP, please use another service from the Find It! menu (usually Interlibrary Loan) to access this article.

  1. Follow the "Request the Library purchase" link to open a new window in the CCC Get It Now service.
  2. At the CCC Get It Now service window:
    • If the article is not available, simply close the window and choose another option from the Find It! menu (usually Interlibrary Loan).
    • If the article is available, you will be prompted to enter your information.
  3. Enter your email address, click the "Accept conditions" box, and submit your request.
  4. Articles purchased by the Library via the CCC Get It Now service are usually sent by email between 2 to 8 hours after a request is submitted.
    • If you receive an email indicating the article is not available, it may be requested via Interlibrary Loan instead.