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JAWS Introduction

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JAWS (Job Access With Speech) is a screen reading application.  JAWS reads text on Windows programs and the Internet.  Instead of navigating with the mouse, JAWS uses keystroke combinations to move within and between programs.  After you log into the computer, JAWS starts reading the screen automatically. 

You have several options to gain proficiency in JAWS.

1.    Quick reference cards map out keystrokes for common tasks.  These are on Reserve in Braille or printed versions at the Circulation Desk. 

2.    The JAWS Basic Training Tutorial consists of 5 CD's. These are available at the computer in Turlock, or at the circulation desk at Stockton.  A CD player is also available from the circulation desk.  Each CD includes several topics.  To skip a topic, press the SKIP button on the CD player.

3.    An extensive online HELP menu includes several topics, such as "New Users Start Here" to get you started.  Access the HELP menu through the settings menu (ctrl + J, down arrow, Enter). 

4.    Follow these Quick Start instructions below to get started and begin working on an application using JAWS.

5.    Internet Explorer browser commands. See the quick reference cards for more keystroke combinations.

Maximize the browser window (or JAWS will not read properly) Alt + spacebar, then X
Stop reading ctrl
Start reading Insert + 2
List the links on a page F7
Enter data into a form field F to focus on the field, then Enter to place cursor in field
Find text on the current page ctrl + f
Jump to the next line of text without a link in it n
Jump to the beginning of the page ctrl + Home
Jump to visited links v
Jump to headings h
Turn off JAWS alt + F4
Turn on JAWS ctrl + J
Change settings Insert + J


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