Study Space

Cell Phone Use

Please respect others around you by setting your cell phone to vibrate and minimizing cell phone usage in the Library. Audible cell phone use is not permitted in Quiet Study Areas.

Quiet Study Areas

The University Library strives to provide a variety of spaces that facilitate different learning styles and research and study needs. This includes offering space designated for quiet study. Current quiet study areas are Library Annex (LX) 8 & 26. Please adhere to the following guidelines while in a Quiet Study Area:
  • No audible cell phone use
  • No group study
  • Utilize earbuds/headphones with media devices
Please direct questions regarding Quiet Study Areas to the Circulation Desk or Reference Desk.

Group Study & Vending Machines

Library Annex (LX) 9 is a talk & food-friendly group study space.

Rooms with Overhead Data Projectors

Currently unavailable.