Subscription Review, 2012

Overview: Presentations for March 20, 2012 (L240)

  • Library Budget (PowerPoint)

  • Review Process & Library Journal Collections (PowerPoint)

  • Electronic Journals by College (access to 10,000 continuing titles from collections and individual subscriptions)


Titles Proposed for Cancellation

Number of titles: 196 Estimated savings of: $73,825.12
  Title Discipline
1  Activities, adaptation & aging.   Social Work & Sociology 
2  Advances in ecological research.   Biological Sciences 
3  Advances in genetics.   Biological Sciences 
4  Advances in insect physiology.   Biological Sciences 
5  Advances in marine biology.   Biological Sciences 
6  Advances in motivation and achievement : a research annual.   Psychology 
7  Advances in physical organic chemistry.   Chemistry 
8  African-American almanac.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
9  Amerasia journal.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
10  American archivist.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
11  American art (Smithsonian National Museum of American Art)   Art 
12  American Indian art magazine.   Anthropology & Art 
13  American law yearbook.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
14  American statistician.   Mathematics 
15  American theatre.   Theater 
16  Annual bibliography of English language and literature   English 
17  Annual review of biochemistry.   Chemistry 
18  Annual review of environment and resources.   Physics 
19  Annual review of physical chemistry.   Chemistry 
20  Annual review of public health.   Nursing 
21  Anthropological papers of the American Museum of Natural History.   Anthropology 
22  Appropriate technology.   Geography 
23  Archives of American Art journal.   Art 
24  Artibus Asiae.   Art 
25  Astronomy.   Physics 
26  Atlas of global development.   Finance 
27  Barron's.   Finance 
28  Behavior analyst / MABA.   Psychology 
29  Behavioral disorders : journal of the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders.   Psychology 
30  Bender's tax return manual for ...   Accounting 
31  Biodemography and social biology.   Biological Sciences & Sociology 
32  Biography & Genealogy Master Index (Online)    Library -Interdisciplinary 
33  Book review index.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
34  Booklist / American Library Association (Includes: Booklinks)   Library -Interdisciplinary 
35  Business week.   Finance & Management 
36  California law review.   Politics & Public Admin 
37  Canadian journal of political science.    Politics & Public Admin 
38  Caring : National Association for Home Care magazine.   Nursing 
39  Cataloging & classification quarterly.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
40  Checkpoint Academic Advantage Core Tax Library   Library -Interdisciplinary 
41  Chemical & Engineering News   Library -Interdisciplinary 
42  China daily    Library -Interdisciplinary 
43  China quarterly.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
44  CollegeSource Online    Library -Interdisciplinary 
45  Communication education.   Communication Studies 
46  Communication monographs.   Communication Studies 
47  Communication teacher.   Communication Studies 
48  Comparative education review.   Advanced Studies & Teacher Education 
49  Comparative studies in society and history.   History 
50  Corrections Today (ACA membership)   Criminal Justice 
51  Critical Asian studies.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
52  Critical studies in media communication   Communication Studies 
53  Current protocols in human genetics   Biological Sciences 
54  Current topics in management.   Management 
55  D & B business rankings / Dun & Bradstreet.   Finance 
56  Earth.   Geology 
57  Energy trends : a monthly statistical bulletin from the Department of Trade & Industry.   Physics 
58  Environments.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
59  Ethnohistory    Anthropology 
60  European journal of information systems    (Includes Health Systems)   CIS 
61  Fibonacci Quarterly (Fibonacci Association membership)   Mathematics 
62  Financial aid for the disabled and their families.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
63  Financial aid for veterans, military personnel, and their dependents.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
64  Forbes.   Finance & Management 
65  Franchising : realities and remedies   Marketing 
66  Franchising : realities and remedies. Forms volume    Marketing 
67  Free speech yearbook.   Communication Studies 
68  Gallup poll.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
69  Harvard business review.   Finance & Management 
70  Harvard Middle Eastern monographs   History 
71  Heritage : the magazine of the New York State Historical Association.   History 
72  Hospital statistics.   Nursing 
73  India, a reference annual.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
74  Indonesia.   Geography 
75  Injury facts / National Safety Council.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
76  Inorganic syntheses.   Chemistry 
77  International bibliography of anthropology   Anthropology 
78  International journal of the history of sport.   Kinesiology 
79  International trade statistics yearbook    Economics 
80  Internet reference services quarterly.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
81  Issues in comprehensive pediatric nursing.   Nursing 
82  Journal for specialists in group work.   Sociology 
83  Journal of American drama and theatre.   Theater 
84  Journal of Asian business.   Management 
85  Journal of business & economic statistics   Economics & Finance 
86  Journal of California and Great Basin anthropology.   Anthropology 
87  Journal of California law enforcement.   Criminal Justice 
88  Journal of development studies.   Economics & Geography 
89  Journal of dramatic theory and criticism.   Theater 
90  Journal of drug education.   Advanced Studies & Library - Interdisciplinary 
91  Journal of dual diagnosis.   Psychology 
92  Journal of educational computing research.   Computer Science 
93  Journal of geoscience education.   Geology 
94  Journal of legal studies.   Politics & Public Admin 
95  Journal of Negro education.   Ethnic Studies & Teacher Education 
96  Journal of pain & palliative care pharmacotherapy.   Nursing 
97  Journal of personality assessment.   Psychology 
98  Journal of philosophical research : JPR.   Philosophy 
99  Journal of philosophy.   Philosophy 
100  Journal of recreational mathematics.   Mathematics 
101  Journal of sex & marital therapy.   Psychology 
102  Journal of the American Statistical Association.   Mathematics 
103  Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involvement   Gender Studies 
104  Journal of trust research.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
105  Journal of women, politics & policy.   Politics & Public Admin 
106  La opinión.   Modern Languages 
107  Language teaching.   English & Modern Languages 
108  Latin American theatre review.   Modern Languages & Theater 
109  Library and book trade almanac.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
110  Live design.   Theater 
111  LOEX quarterly [payment record]   Library -Interdisciplinary 
112  Mark Twain papers [Monographic series]   English 
113  Merced sun-star.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
114  Middle Eastern studies.   History and Politics & Public Admin 
115  Money.   Economics & Finance 
116  MultiCultural review    Library -Interdisciplinary 
117  Music cataloging bulletin.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
118  Music OCLC Users Group Newsletter.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
119  NASW California news    Social Work 
120  NASW news.   Social Work 
121  National journal.  (Includes: Capital source)   Politics & Public Admin and Library - Interdisciplinary 
122  Nature biotechnology.   Biological Sciences 
123  NBER-East Asia seminar on economics [Monographic series]   Economics 
124  New yearbook for phenomenology and phenomenological philosophy.   Philosophy 
125  News media & the law.   Communication Studies 
126  Nineteenth century theatre and film.   Theater 
127  Nineteenth-century contexts.   English 
128  Nursing clinics of North America.   Nursing 
129  Oceanus.   Biological Sciences & Geography 
130  Official guide to ABA-approved law schools   Library -Interdisciplinary 
131  Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying   Library -Interdisciplinary 
132  Opera news.   Music 
133  Organic syntheses.   Chemistry 
134  Pacific citizen.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
135  Paris review.   English 
136  Patterson's American education.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
137  Peterson's undergraduate guides set (Includes: Peterson's 4-year colleges, Peterson's 2-year colleges)   Library -Interdisciplinary 
138  Pocket directory and who's who in the California legislature.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
139  Police chief.   Criminal Justice 
140  Population studies [Monographic series] (Includes: World population prospects as assessed in …, World population policies, World population monitoring)   Sociology 
141  Psychoanalytic study of the child.   Psychology 
142  Quarterly journal of speech.   Communication Studies 
143  Recent researches in the music of the baroque era.   Music 
144  Recent researches in the music of the classical era.   Music 
145  Recent researches in the music of the Renaissance.   Music 
146  Reference librarian.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
147  Research in social problems and public policy.   Politics & Public Admin 
148  Review of Black political economy.   Economics & Ethnic Studies 
149  Rights of juveniles : the juvenile justice system    Sociology 
150  Ripon forum.   Politics & Public Admin 
151  RVBusiness   Marketing 
152  Samuel Gompers papers   Economics 
153  San Francisco Bay guardian.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
154  Scholarship handbook.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
155  School library journal : SLJ.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
156  Scottish geographical journal.   Geography 
157  Serials librarian.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
158  Shaw.   English 
159  Sight and sound.   English 
160  Slavic and East European performance : drama, theatre, film.   Theater 
161  Smart libraries : newsletter / ALA TechSource.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
162  Southern communication journal.   Communication Studies 
163  State of the world's children.   Sociology 
164  Statistics of discrimination (Annual update)   Politics & Public Admin 
165  Stores : the bulletin of the N.R.D.G.A.   Marketing 
166  Studies in medievalism.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
167  Summary of California law / by B.E. Witkin.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
168  Summer jobs worldwide.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
169  Tax havens of the world   Accounting 
170  TD & T.   Theater 
171  Technical services quarterly.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
172  The  … (Pfeiffer) annual. Volume 1, Training.   Sociology 
173  The  … (Pfeiffer) annual. Volume 2, Consulting.   Sociology 
174  Theater.   Theater 
175  Theatre research international.   Theater 
176  United States Supreme Court digest, 1754 to date ...   Library -Interdisciplinary 
177  Vending times.   Marketing 
178  Voices of Mexico.   Ethnic Studies 
179  Walt Whitman quarterly review.   English 
180  Western European stages.   Theater 
181  Who's who in America.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
182  Who's who in American politics.   Politics & Public Admin 
183  Who's who of American women.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
184  Wilson quarterly.   Library -Interdisciplinary 
185  Wines & vines.   Marketing 
186  Women studies abstracts.   Advanced Studies 
187  Works of Tobias Smollett   English 
188  World economic and social survey    Economics 
189  World population policies    Library -Interdisciplinary 
190  World population prospects as assessed in ...     Library -Interdisciplinary 
191  World year book of education.   Teacher Education 
192  Writing center journal.   English 
193  Yale edition of the works of Samuel Johnson.   English 
194  Yearbook.   Teacher Education 
195  Yes! : a journal of positive futures.   Geography 
196  Z magazine.   Politics & Public Admin